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Posted by mfwilliams | May 31, 2012 @ 10:17 AM | 5,798 Views
First day our 2012 Oregon trip. We actaully got into Hood River with time to fly. We called up Mike Stubbs, picked him up and headed over to the Dalles site for some evening flying. Air was little a light, but good enough to keep Moths and Gulps up. We capped the night by having a hearty dinner at the Clock Tower. Tomorrow, maybe we'll hit Bald Butte.

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Posted by mfwilliams | May 29, 2012 @ 09:40 PM | 5,781 Views
Saturday was a mixed bag. We had the guys winching on the West side while the majority were sloping in the NE bowl. The morning was light enough that only the floaters or the winching guys were getting anything. But by noon we had enough wind for some decent sloping. That left precious little time for some us prepping for our Oregon trip,that needed to tweak out our slopers before packing.


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Posted by mfwilliams | May 16, 2012 @ 09:17 PM | 5,851 Views
I really blew the week before, I went up with plenty of planes, a good wind out of the SE and I left my camera in my travel bag at home. Bummer!
This week I remembered to bring my trusty Nikon and I got some decent pics. The wind was strong out of the East, almost 20mph, with gusts. It was great for combat and also to break out our heavy slope stuff.
Miami Mike and Larry L also shot some videos during the past 2 weeks, I've attached for your viewing pleasure:

Halfpipe takes my v-tail off 2.wmv (0 min 37 sec)

Amos' Mig 3 May 12 2012 (1 min 36 sec)
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Posted by mfwilliams | May 02, 2012 @ 07:17 PM | 5,531 Views
Sorry, no blog entry last week. Both weekends were very wet. Last week, only the morning had a slight opening and then the rains desended. This weekend, it seemed to rain all round us, but very little on the hill. Because of the weather we had a small crowd. We even tried to catch glimpses of the Fort Lauderdale air show, but the low ceiling and storms to the south blocked most views. I shot very few pictures (sorry). I had 3 rebuilt/new planes to test (Spider 2M, Mini-Rotor and Gillette) and spent most of my time "tweaking".

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