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Posted by bobzilla | Jul 21, 2012 @ 06:32 AM | 7,755 Views
103" Giant Scale Yak54 100CC Nitro Remote Control Airplane Kit (White)

This blog hopefully will help someone to decide to BUY or NOT to buy a 103" Giant Scale Yak54 100CC Nitro Remote Control Airplane Kit (White) from NitroPlanes.
The plane is sold as an arf, and has some major flaws in its design and accompanied hardware.
First, let me cover the main points:

1) The manual is incorrect/lacking in many areas. The details will be covered later in this thread.
2) The plane is extremely tail heavy. If using a DA-85, you will need to extend the motor mount to the extreme limits of the cowling. You will also need to add 2 lbs of weight to the nose. A DA-100, and you still will need to add approximately 1 to 1-1/2 lb to nose. When deciding where to install you batteries, whether LIFE, LIPO, or NIMH, consider the top or side of motor box 1st choice. I chose 2 heavy 3300nimh batteries on motor box over lipos, simply due to needed weight.
3) The manual references a 50cc motor on page 9 and shows the cg to be accurate when your 50cc motor is 194mm from firewall to the prop mount on motor. What is even more confusing for any builder is in the text (item 22) they list the distance at 170mm. Well, we all know this is NOT A 50CC plane, so this obviously is totally all incorrect.
Since builders will be using a different variety of motors and cowl positions..the CORRECT and safest CG is on the front of the wing tube.
4) The elevators...Continue Reading