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Posted by max-nix | Jan 11, 2007 @ 09:06 PM | 2,318 Views
I started out as a young modeler making Comet Model
rubber band models on a card table in about 1940.

I later participated in the US Navy model identification
program in grade school where we hacked out
wooden 3D models of friendly & enemy aircraft,
painted them black and submitted them for inspection
and acceptance to a Navy inspector.They were to be
suspended in pilot ready rooms for silhouette familiarity.

After the end of WWII I teamed up with a modeler
friend I met in high school and we bought a Vivell 35
model ignition engine and learned to operate it.

The next project was a control line trainer we constructed
together, the Cliff's Trainer with Vivell power. It was a simple
sturdy flier that taught us the fundamentals of U-Control flying
(as it was known as then).

Jim Walker pioneered control line flying and patented
the bell-crank (U-Control) method of moving the elevator control
surface for flight pitch control.

The U-Control phase of modeling took off and was a great success, many
life-long friends were made and much learned, (often the hard way).
Sport flying led to stunt flying, scratch building, then speed flying to pursue
my intense interest in internal combustion engines, fuels, props, aerodynamics, ect.
There was also some interest in free flight models, I built a Super Yogi with an Ohlsson 23 23 power and much to everyones surprise (including mine) it actually flew very well. This was a pusher design similar to modern day Ultralight aircraft such as the Kolb.
This was a good learning experience, but we soon lost our flying area due to urban expansion.

To be continued.