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Posted by jelle737 | Sep 28, 2017 @ 08:10 AM | 10,388 Views
This tracker seems to be very popular among the Spanish speaking RC pilot's. Yet in this forum there is no information to be found. Once you break the language barrier it's actually a very easy system to setup and use. And therefore I find this system needs to receiver more recognition. Lately I took the time to dig in this project and make one myself. This is a guide with tip's and tricks on how to create and use one yourself based on u360gts. And in general it should be a good guide on how to DIY a proper mechanism for any antenna tracker no mater what brain is driving it. The u360gts supports a variety of different telemetry streams like: MFD, Bare GPS, Mavlink, RVOSD, FrSky X, LTM, PitLab. There is a telemetry autodetect feature! The LTM telemetry is what I use and base this project on. An audiomodem is used to get this telemetry from the air to the ground but different telemetry providing systems could be used, one coming to mind would be the telemetry downlink openLRSng provides.

Here is a visual collection of most of the parts needed to make a 360 antenna tracker. Some are optional:

There are a few must haves and there are a few optional parts, the different approaches to the tracker are discussed and the list of the parts I used are listed after. There must be a magnetometer on the ground station, therefore a naze32 rev5 full is most easy to setup. But if you have a naze32 rev5 acro and a GPS with a HMC5883L magnetometer, that's also a working combination and the...Continue Reading
Posted by jelle737 | Sep 27, 2017 @ 01:50 PM | 4,741 Views
There is no topic dedicated to FSK Modem. Maybe these fell out of the collection because of age. Maybe these are not yet reinvented.
Information about these are spread around on the internet. This should be a collection about some information on this topic.

If you search the internet on this subject you probably found already this blogpost. In short what is an FSK Modem: Frequency-shift keying, it's the sound of the internet when I was little, it's a fax machine. But in short it's a way to convert digital data to audio and back. There is a more technical video available if you want to learn more about this technology.

How is this related to the RC hobby? Well it's an easy way to send telemetry data over audio back to the ground. Back in the day it was invented it used to be hard but these days it actually makes sense to dig out this technology, and add it to your flying object. The main limitation of an FSK modem is that it's slow, it can only manage a baude rate up to 2400baud. What's changed today is that this slow telemetry stream, called LTM or Lite Telemetry is available with just a few clicks in iNav, no need for an extra microcontroller to convert yet again this data. And again on the ground side there are multiple projects that already accept LTM telemetry like this display project or an antenna tracker. Also using the audio channel removes the need of an extra radio link that might elevate the noise and bring down the range of the flying object. It said that in...Continue Reading
Posted by jelle737 | May 19, 2017 @ 09:40 AM | 26,552 Views

With a few friends we decided to buy/build the same wing with similar components. Here is the story how this adventure advances. Will be updates when time goes by. The innovative things in this project for me are the wing, the iNav flight controller and the Wolfbox reciever. I am only used to drones. The build log is written more in the form factor of a tutorial, as to help other people building the same (like my friends).

Parts list/Specifications
  • Wing: MiniRaceWing
  • ESC: FVT LittleBee Spring 40A
  • Motor: X-FOOT 2207 2600KV
  • Prop: DALProp Cyclone 5050C
  • Battery: Drone Lab CHAOS Edition 1300mah 4s 75-150c (Basically a 4cell battery I have already)
  • Servos: EMAX ES08MA II
  • FC: Omnibus F4 Pro with baro / Omnibus F4 V2 Flight Controller
  • PDB (for 5V & 12V): Matek Mini Power Hub w/BEC (5V and 12V)
  • Mounting hardware: Stand-offs, a active buzzer and this Flight Controller Mount or this Flight Controller Mount.
  • Receiver: Wolfbox Taranis compatible transmitter and receiver.
  • FPV Cam: HS1177 or RunCam Split (I switched to RunCam Split now)
  • FPV link: Partom FPV 1.2G

Extra Tools and Parts

This is a list of tools that I didn't know I needed when I thought about building this wing.
  • CA glue, Super glue, epoxy for spars and servo's
  • White laminate for balsa elevons or tape.
  • Clear laminate for wing halves, I do not recommend laminating at this point to prevent deformation. It's a racewing, not an endurance wing.
  • Hobby iron for laminating
  • Coloured
...Continue Reading