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Posted by Dani123 | Nov 22, 2012 @ 11:12 AM | 5,018 Views
A fellow member here on RCG asked me to make him a few units, so here is the making process in pictures

The heart of the regulator is 1A ams1117 5.0 unit, coupled with capacitors on the input and the output. I put everything on a small piece of PCB, it really makes everything nice and in order. As you can see the main unit is very light and the leads add more than twice the weight. When everything is soldered, I like to glue the leads to the PCB with drop of thick CA, it secures them and makes the solder points stress free.
The final step is the shrinking of the whole unit, the final product is about 3gr total - I'm very happy.

Posted by Dani123 | Nov 12, 2012 @ 02:20 PM | 5,228 Views
Back to my search for small and lightweight 2S lipo regulator, I've found this tiny AMS1117 unit, which is surface mounted component.
It regulates voltages as high as 12v down to 5v. It is very tiny and light, the downside it is only 1A current rated.

I gathered the required components and soldered it this evening. First of all, SMD component are really easy to solder , there is really nothing complicated when you have the right tip for the soldering iron (there are great videos at YouTube).
For now I had this electrolytic capacitor, later I will replace it with tantalum one,which is smaller and lighter.

As you can see, the most weight is from the connectors and wires, the unit works. Later I will put some shrink at it.
Posted by Dani123 | Nov 02, 2012 @ 05:35 AM | 5,302 Views

So after the previous attempt, I did a little refinement.
This one is almost perfect: it has 2A voltage regulator from 2s to 5v and a voltage alarm circuit adopted for 7.2v alarm voltage (3.6v/cell). The buzzer is attached on leads and not on the board - more convenient I think.
If you compare it to the previous version, the difference is noticeable...
I'm almost happy with this one, will try to make it more compact...