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Posted by Harv | Jul 07, 2007 @ 12:06 PM | 3,976 Views
My new best friend...EPP...

Heh, moratorium. Who was I trying to kid? But I'd better finish up what I'd started in my last post...

I filled out my little Alfa warbird fleet with the Beaufighter, Wildcat and Spitfire, and have had a ball with them. All are fantastic lookers and flyers, and thankfully will even handle a bit of wind. The first Beau now resemble a 3D jigsaw puzzle after a sloppy hand launch ended with a cartwheel, but bellyflopping #2 is just as nice in the air. I'll wait until winter to install retracts in it and the Spitfire, and next spring I'll be able to roll on the runway instead of sliding down it.

Which brings up the beginning of the end of this moratorium. Tiring of digging dirt, straw and weeds out of aircraft from bellying in on my field out back, I found out about Pro-Pex/Geotex materials and made a nice little 30'x100' runway to the north of the yard. It's just about perfect for electrics, and aside from mowing around it it is totally maintenance free. It cost a little more than sanity should allow, but the convenience of having my personal all weather strip is almost priceless.

So anyways, back to airplanes...Despite having almost too much fun flying my Alfa warbirds, I kept checking out a funny looking little piece of EPP foam called the Bug by Lightflite.com. It wasn't the looks, or the way it flew, or the price that drew me back time and time again...it was the words tough and durable that I kept seeing. Because as much as I love the...Continue Reading