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whats with that?
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Item name: Omnibus F3 Nano flight controller
Size: 27mm*27mm
Mount holes: 20mm*20mm, M2.5
Weight: 3.7g
Sensor: SPI Sensor MPU6000
Power supply: 2-4S
Firmware version: Betaflight 3.2.0
Target: betaflight_3.X.X_OMNIBUS
Without barometer
Suitable for ≤150mm frame kit, especially for 130mm frame kit

-Support programmable LED_STRIP (turn off transponder before using)
-Support the newest DSHOT1200, PROSHOT ESC
-Support BLheli suite
-Built-in OSD
-Built-in 5V/3A BEC
-Bulit-in LC filter
-Buzzer solder pin
-Built-in voltage detection, alarm
-Reserved current sensor solder pin
-Reserved IIC solder pin

Receiver configuration:
DSM, SBUS receiver input, please configure RX3 as input interface

Package inlcuded:
1* Omnibus F3 Nano flight controller

**i havent found any reviews on rcgroups about this FC, yeah its F3 but should be good for me.*** i hope i have a positive experience with it.

Just got one of these in yesterday finally. i went with it bc it has 3a 5v onboard, F3 with lot of accessable pads, Im gonna run it with a xsr-m, F3 should make the telemetry a bit less of a headache hopefully. Im putting it in my GepRC Sparrow frame - got my replacement arms the other day. I also got a Runcam Sparrow micro 16x9 fpv cam to throw in the mix. Waiting on DTX03 from Banggood US warehouse, should arrive any day now. why is their US warehouse...Continue Reading
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i think i need to quit.
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I got a qx7 last week. Amazing.

I just came from a turnigy 9xr (non pro). Was using a XJT module most of the time, did some telemetry mod that i never really used, had a AFHDS module and have a multi protocol module for my E010 micro also...

The QX7 is quite a bit lighter, smaller to hold, AND WAY smoother response on my multirotors. that part blows me away. The gimbals i guess are really that good - i always hear people talking about gimbals... The Qx7 really holds positions much better, i didnt expect that. It came with a neck strap and the metal hook to attach the strap to. super cool. I had some LSD turnigy nimh 2400mah batts to throw in it already, they're tight, but working great.

I saw the special colors they had on banggood, and didnt want to miss out on getting a special one, so i pulled the trigger and ordered one. I was tired of not being confident my radio was giving me the best performance also.

I ordered a Green one and it looks sooo nice. i thought of a purple one, but wanted a more popping color incase it was in the grass or something... the green is really bright, and my son likes green a lot...

Anywho. Im excited. i flew my ARC200 yesterday in a green belt with medium trees, was like a golf course almost, but more trees. It was some enjoyable flying.


Also, what's up with photobucket? i cant share my pics anymore i guess thru them...? If anyone reads this, what can i utilize to share pics? when i first signed up with rcgroups, i didnt have a way to share pics thru rcgroups, is that still the case?
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Pretty much ready for maiden flight!

One of my motors needs to be replaced, but should still work for a couple sessions i hope.

Somewhat tricky build due to you need to use some specific parts to work with available space.

I decided i wanted this frame so i could easily mount my runcam2 hd cam. BUT when the runcam2 is mounted, it does not appear that im gonna be able to run 5inch props which i kind of a bummer... :/ Without a runcam2 on the back it will easily run 5inch props. I will be running Q4040 dalprops on my racerstar 2205 2300kv motors. they seemed to be nice on my 195 kim setup but i didnt use a runcam on that build...

I ended up getting new foxeer arrow ccd 2.5mm lens. It has voltage osd which is nice. I was gonna try a much cheaper cmos cam kinda like a fatshark cmos cam, but the connector was at the bottom and there is hardware right where the connector is which would be snapped off on a crash most likely... the foxeer connector is at the top.

The TBS Unify vtx i used has U.FL connector which is good bc less chance of vtx damage if/when antenna lead gets yanked (it will pop off instead of rip off). I used a 10mm lead with 90degree sma connector i believe. the flat backside of the TBS VTX i have allow it to fit in the mix pretty well. I also picked up a dipole antenna i can connect via UFL connector if i decide to lighten my load a bit.

(better pics soon/smudged lens :/)
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Today i was having a blast on my lunch break, and destroyed my foxeer arrow!!!! >

My first CCD was a runcam swift, which i kinda hated. it was the previous version. i constantly had problems with it, mainly mounting. My two chassis ive been using are really tight. the darkside arc200 has little room in the front (or back) for mounting anything. i could not use the 4point mount with it, so i just mounted it with the two point option and it never held its position for anything. a few weeks ago i did a roll flip with not enough cut throttle, and ended up diving into a soccer goal and completely smashed my runcam swift. after mulling over a possible replacement, i finally threw on my old cmos quanum cam. luckily that cmos has about 120degree view which is/was just like my foxeer arrow (2.5mm lens) 120degree view. i also did not like that the runcam didnt have the same super convenient vbat osd info like my foxeer arrow.

Today, i was doing getting jiggy and after having passed under two soccer goals 20times successfully (over estimate im sure) i heard that softball bat pinging noise and lost my video feed. same damage. altho, the ccd chip didnt chip but definately came off the board and my 2.5mm lens is smashed up bad.

lame. oh, and my kim 195 frame is gonzo. i had cracked the upper lower deck a while back but it seemed ok to fly with, but when i busted my foxeer, i also severed the arm near the crack. (i have a backup frame that i m really excited to get going now - its a 220mm i believe, i will use my 2205 2300kv on it with T5040 props).

On a brigher note, my new 4s lipos should be arriving today! im going from 3s to 4s finally. altho i still really like my racerstar 2205 2300kv on 3s. i really wanted the 4s for my 1806 2300kv dys motors. i ordered tattu 1050mah 45c lipo which should be good i think and im wanting to build some 3in and 4in frame more-so for my next projects...
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So much fun!

Two small bits were soldered on. cam and lead to use Tattu's style of connector, which i chopped from 6 battery charge harness. I had to reattach the wire to the actual connector bc of the odd angle that was required to nicely mount the battery with minimal wire. i used some shrink wrap to keep the connector a bit more protected.

Made some careful cuts to the battery tray to easily fit Tattu 220mah 1s 45c lipo's. I might eventually add a rubber band, but everything is pretty snug without one. i can still use the stock battery - original connector is still on the board, and the battery can still fit in the battery tray of course.
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This weekend i strapped my DODO quad ontop of my SCX10 and tried out a bit of FPV crawling in my backyard and house!!! SUPER DOPE! i think it was totally awesome! The temp setup was top heavy of course, but it was quick and easy. My kids got to try it out too and totally loved it! i had to cut them off at one point, because they took my quad-stacked-scx10 and basicly dropped it off their 6foot tall rockwall... :/ Luckily nothing was damaged.

The weather was super warm this weekend, i also got to run through my batteries with my dodo and naze builds, my wife and kids went with me and everything! Prior, i did a bit of PID tuning finally! I had not really messed with any of that on these so far... My naze needs more tuning for sure. it only got one flight. I need to adjust it roll quite a bit. It definately is underpowered compared to my dodo. I have 3 x 3s 1300mah turnigy nano 45-90c lipos, and a few lower c 1000mah 3s lipo's... soon i will be getting into 4s! im going to shoot for 1000mah 4s higher c lipo's for the naze builds 2300kv 1806 DYS motors. according to DYS documentation, i should get a lot more thrust on 4s, and 1000mah should hopefully keep it light and more nimble. i thought about 850mah 4s, but im not sure if thats where i want to go. If performance is still too balloony, i will be upgrading my 1806 to something more like my racerstar 2205 2300kv's... i like them. I tuned my DODO with more pitch and can now do quick snappy flips! before...Continue Reading
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My lunch buddies...

Kim195X frame from hobbyking. Came in a small plastic bag. I really like that the top plate has more mounting capability than the X shaped top plate on the Darkside ARC200. You might notice on my ARC the reciever and vid tran came loose (from my last crash yesterday). The Kim should offer more stable mounting of those bits. The Kim195's machining seems a bit ruffer than the ARC200 for sure. I also like the arcs arms more so bc the kim's arm mount holes have less material behind the mounting points than the arc... not sure how well either will hold up tho. The Kim195 has a cage around the FC area, whereas the Arc200 the FC is stacked as part of the 'cage'... The Kim is a bit tight, but my naze fits in well, i had to slightly file my 4in1 racerstar esc's corners to get it to fit inside the cage. Kim's empty weight is about 62g.

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im hooked on quadcopters... FPV race styled ones... im not very good yet, but im sooooo hooked. I also recently gave up facebook, which has coincided with my complete absorption into fpv racer styled quads... By styled, i mean racer frames and components, but im shooting for maybe novice class motors, or less amp draw. 20a and below. Mainly for price. Also for longer flight times, lighter gram weight, usage of 1000-1300mah 3s lipos....

I lost my diatone color 250 frame a few months ago, it was fun, but i didnt have FPV yet at the time. It flew away, it didnt love me...

I then picked up some affordable bits and built a new quadcopter and quit facebook.... i got a Quanum cyclops fpv monogogle. it was on sale for $40.. it works pretty well, but it clunky to lug around when i finding my downed quad.... it works. I am MUCH better at flying fpv than line of sight!

Ok after a few weeks on my hobbyking 250 plastic frame with 1704 1900kv multistars, i broke off an arm. I had ordered a Darkside ARC200 on sale for $20 i think, and was holding off on that, but i needed a frame and mounted my hk250 stuff onto it... i thought i might be beyong my skill level to fly, but its not. It definately is tighter to put everything on it, but i got it setup well imo for now.

One of my motors has gotten bent up twice... so i ve been mulling over new motors for it... im going with dys 1806 2300kv's in fancy pants red. i also just received some banggood 2205 2300kv's but im gonna hold off on them for a minute... i like low amp draw and the 1704 1900kv's have and are serving me well enough for now.

I also just ordered another carbon chassis... i was gonna get another arc200, but i decided to try out the Kim195 chassis. it has a similar build setup, but it has a better top plate, that id like to have... it was a little more than an arc200... i also considered a lifetime warranty frame, which i think i might get for my next rig...

im hooked
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Rc drift is the current bug i have. Last november (2014), I had a torn retina and had sugery to correct that. I kinda gave up flying due to that. The sun and my healing eye were a concern.

Ive been kinda wanting to get back in the air, but hasnt happened yet. I eventually will again. Towerhobbies had a few $30-40 foam kits that caught my eye in their 2016 catalog.

Work is slow so ive been detailing my 3Racing Sakura D4 rwd build and progress. My Sakura Xi Sport has been sitting for a while. I d like to track with it, but my kids and wife take up a lot of my time after work, and the nearest full time track option is about 50minutes away right now, and there is a temporary track site on saturdays about 30min from me.

There is also a drift track that ive been trying to fit into my schedule but its about an hour a way from what i understand...
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I just built the blu baby and got it going 2 days ago! I am excited that i found the 600+ foamie build thread and hope to learn a lot from everyone here. Last night i also got a trainer sim installed (was having issues with ppjoy and having windows 7) and put in 2hours so i can master irl flight. I like to crash, altho id like it more to fly around for a few minutes at a time without crashing. i discovered hobby king dot com about a year ago, and am now able to enjoy a bit of my 80s childhood dream of flying my own RC planes (affordably bc if it werent id still be dreaming about it only)!!!