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Posted by depronair | Nov 26, 2012 @ 04:14 AM | 2,856 Views
This won't be much of a build related post, but I thought I'd ramble a little. Between last June and now, I did find some contract work at pretty large studio in Los Angeles that got me from penny pinching and looking for work to busy all the time with no time to think much about anything else. But while I was building a routine and a savings, a chance opportunity hit me. Out of the blue, I got an opportunity to fill a long-term position with a salary, in game development.. in Seattle, WA. Which was an awesome chance because I'd always wanted to move closer to family. So I did it. I packed up and said "GOODBYE CALIFORNIA!" With a long-term position, the financial security affords me greater flexibility. Couple that with lower living costs, I'll be able to find some affordable workspace. And with the winter around the corner, its too cold and dark to fly.. its time to build, right? The thought of starting the 738 build is driving me bonkers and I do think about it constantly. I feel time is getting close!
Posted by depronair | Jul 08, 2012 @ 12:28 PM | 4,300 Views
So, Im finally posting up a little work Ive done here and there that will lead up to my build of a 1:12 scale Boeing 737-890. The scale was chosen based on available fan sizes.

Using some Boeing 727 model blueprints I bought, 737 3 views, a TON of photos, and a 1/144 Revell 738 model, Ive been able to recreate it in my program of choice, Autodesk Maya. (not the optimal choice, but I know this program) It isn't perfect. Even the 727 model blueprint cross sections has discrepancies when laid out in 3D space. So there was still alot of eyeballing involved. Regardless, ballpark works. From this point on, I will slice the nose and tail into cross sections to be cut into pink foam.

As far as when the build will actually start? Well as of now (July '12), I'm in a real tough situation. I'm really in the worst time to be between jobs. As a result, I need to devote my time and my dwindling savings into finding new work and updating my demo reel. (I'm a 3D animator) I can't say when I'll be able to get started, really because there are so many priorities to take care of before this hobby.

I made an animation of the cross sections from model. The intervals along the length of the aircraft can be set for as many cross-sections as you want as well as position along the fuse. This animation shows a cross section roughly every inch or so interval.

737 x-section (0 min 3 sec)

Below is the surfaced 3D model and some reference.