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Posted by 8KCABrett | Jan 16, 2012 @ 05:59 PM | 2,533 Views
In 1987 I was 9 years old and lived in Bolinas and would drive (OK, usually mom was the one driving back then) over Mt Tam pretty regularly. I loved that mountain, that road, and the gorgeous view of the Pacific. One day I saw some R/C sailplanes flying just off the side of the road. Since I first had memories, I loved all things that flew...and every time I rode in a car I'd imagine that I was flying an R/C plane in formation with us, but there they were...actually out there, and I wanted nothing more than to be flying one! I mentioned the great spot to my grandfather, and he confessed his plans to get me my first R/C airplane...it was going to be a Goldberg Gentle Lady, and I thought I'd probably get to fly it right there at Tick Point. It wasn't to be, grandpa was on year 12 of his cancer fight, and had recently gone into the hospital - and he never came back home.

Instead I'd just look out the window as we drove past and wish I could go out there and fly. I wished my grandpa was still here, and that we could go fly together. At 9 years old it felt like I'd already waited forever to actually fly an R/C airplane...indeed, I'd waited my entire life, and I had to wait another 6 years to afford one myself.

Grandpa wasn't around to see me start flying R/C (other than a few minutes on the sticks of someone else's Gentle Lady) or to earn my pilot certificates, to fly the Stearman like he used to instruct in during WWII or the full scale version of the Pitts Special that he...Continue Reading