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Posted by Punkie | Feb 29, 2012 @ 07:55 AM | 7,004 Views
Sunday, grab a couple, well several planes and batteries up to Wardy hill with Lady Punkie in tow.
Art tech mustang, that thing is slow, still it flew, Jerry wing, sweet, the new slightly larger motor works great, no more sparks and screams when you open the throttle to full.
I could not get my Mambo slope soarer converted to electric in the air, not enough wind to launch into, I guess the weight of the bloggie camera didn't help.
I stuck it on the mustang and it just managed a flight, complete with black prop lines on the playback, I hope to youtube that when I get time, then I maidened to World models Wingjet, apart from the noise at full throttle hurting my ears when I launched it, great, cracking wing, flew really well, slow and fast, I liked doing the low slow pass, open the taps and go vertical, another club member shouted "That looks good" when I did that.
Mostly I flew at lower throttle settings, which is how I fly normally (I must be getting old) but it was nice to have the power available.
I finished off the session with my Hobby king Kinetic 800, its a fun little thing, goes where you want and fits in the car easy.

Then last night coming home I stopped off at Wardy hill again to maiden my Britflight HTWO-0 flying boat, Hand launched, on rails, no trim required, easy flying, lovely plane, I can't wait to fly her off water, then I played with my Quad the Spaghetti Incident, just as it was getting dark, UFO time