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Posted by Punkie | May 30, 2011 @ 04:37 PM | 7,839 Views
Now and then a few guys from where I work, get together at the Model flying club patch we are members of and perform aviation.
Other club members turn up as well and fun is had by all.
No pics of me flying as I am the one with the camera
Don't ask me anything about the aircraft, I don't know.
Its the first time I have really gone to photograph from the flight line.
Good fun and I think I got a few decent shots.
I only had to tweek the horizon on a couple of the posted pics...Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | May 15, 2011 @ 04:07 PM | 7,489 Views
Right there is the SAS Mambo, that is an old combat slope thing, that I stuck a motor on the back because we have a shortage of hills in the Fens.
Flys great.
Then there is the Free air Terry, no idea what the motor is, I got it at the nationals, the guy who sold it to me, just put a pile of bits to gether for me and apart from the screaming sound and sparks from the motor if I opened it up above half throttle, its been great.
He sold me a 3s Lipo to go with it, I replaced that with a 2 cell and its much better, it only screams if you open it up fully with a fresh charged battery.
I have chucked it around in 10+ mph winds, it does it, but its much nicer when the wind is lighter.
The Kinetic is fun, great on a two cell 450 pack, but more fun with a 3 cell.

I moved into 2.4 with a Spectrum DX6i, apart from having to go back for new gimbils because the rudder pot was not working its been great.
The only problem has been because I have a badly damaged right hand I need to use a neck strap, when launching my planes. That gets in the way of the screen, so I upgraded my MPX cockpit MM, brilliant, I can hold that one handed with no problem and see the screen.
Posted by Punkie | May 08, 2011 @ 01:42 PM | 6,936 Views
I went to the Large Model Association show at Rougham near Bury St Edmunds last Saturday.
Shame about the wind, to much for the Dawn Patrol, I gather it was even worse on Sunday.
I picked up a second hand Alpha Mig 15 from the bring and buy, Not sure when I will fly it, having probs with my DX6I, its had to go back as the Rudder pot is not working.

I only to pics of a few of the planes flying, I was talking and looking at the stalls for a lot of the time. But here are the ones I did take.
Sony Alpha 200, sigma 70-300mm lens with a 2x converter.

Mostly set on Auto because I can't be d to do it properly...Continue Reading