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Posted by Punkie | Oct 23, 2009 @ 11:04 AM | 9,224 Views
I flew my Minium Cessna loads. It got me flying again when all the other things were just too much trouble.
Unfortunately it got a case dropped on it in the car. Joys of taking daughters back to Uni. The fuse was messed up & the RX was damaged so I got a new fuse and RX assy and rebuilt it, got it wrong and it flew like a pig trying to claw its way into the air.
So I got the Christen Eagle without a TX and used the old Cessna one to fly it, great, brilliant plane.
But that new RX and motor sitting in a useless airframe was annoying me. I started thinking about what I wanted from it.
I have access to a small field next to a pub, on the banks of the river Cam. Its about 2 minutes walk from where I live on my narrow boat. People walk through it, moor by it and can see it from the patio at the back of the pub, So slow, floaty, good handling and nice looking where the order of the day.
I found what I was looking for at the Micron stand at one of the shows this year.
The Stevens Aeromodels Liddlebug, they have retooled it to take the RX assy and motor from the Parkzone vapour and similar models.
I was able to build it at lunchtimes at work on my desk, being in the aircraft trade it was noticed by plenty of people including my manager and the lightness of the assemblies was noted from the start.
I must say it went together a treat, the laser cutting was superb, it was difficult to get any of the build wrong, all I managed was one wing rib being glued a mm off to one...Continue Reading