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Archive for March, 2009
Posted by Punkie | Mar 17, 2009 @ 01:04 PM | 9,163 Views
As I was visiting my Father on sunday, I took the opportunity to visit the club I used to be a member of.
The Stansted Model flying club are based at the site of an old WW2 American airfield, between the villages of Hadstock and Little Walden.
During WW2 first the 409th Bombardment Group (Light) flew A-20 havocs and A-26 Invaders, then the 361st Fighter Group moved in with their P-51 Mustangs. The last days of the war in Europe saw the 493rd Bombardment Group (Heavy) move in with B-17s while their base at RAF Debach was repaired (the runway was cracking up, shoddy building). Post war the 56th Fighter Group used it as a staging post prior to their return to the USA.
Finally it was handed over to the RAF who used it as a storage facility until it was sold off in 1958.
Not many people where there when I got there, as it was late suday afternoon, but those that were there gave me a warm welcome and I got to see some fine helicopter flying....Continue Reading