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Posted by Punkie | Jun 30, 2008 @ 02:22 PM | 8,651 Views
My blog will be all over the place this week. Lots to post.
But starting with saturdays bit of interest. I went to the North Weald "Wings & Wheels spectacular.
This show is on the 90 year old North Weald airfield, an ex RAF airfield just north of London. I have been going for years, its always a good place to see what is happening in the model aircraft world. There were some nice aircraft on the flight line, some model tanks, a fine display of boats in a marquee and on the pond and a couple of Daleks roaming about keeping the children happy.
I had a nice chat with the owner of Hunter systems, the company I got my RC sidecar outfit from.
There was a nasty cross wind which blew the models about a bit, but there was some good flying displays.
Some how I managed not to put too much strain on my credit cards, i just got a few new lipos and a new charger to go with them. Mind you I went to another show on the Sunday. Pics from sunday later....Continue Reading
Posted by Punkie | Jun 23, 2008 @ 01:07 PM | 8,782 Views
My little girl Catie is 18 and all grown up.
Last week me, my wife and Catie went to her school art exhibition. Some of her stuff is pretty good, well I like it anyway.
She will be doing something mathematical when she goes to uni.
Her older sister Charlotte is doing Molecular Medicine and Biochemistry
Catie is having a sort of gap year before going to university.
Saturday she had her birthday party, just for her friends. She booked a room at a local Chinese restaurant. Got a DJ in and had a good time.
I went along for the last hour to help with clearing out the bodies and the mess and managed to take a few pictures.
One of the first lads I saw at the party said "thank you for having such a beautiful daughter". I didn't know whether to smack him one and tell him to keep his hands off or just say thank you.
All in all its been too busy to do anything with my models but hopefully I will make it to wings and wheels at North Weald this saturday or sunday to check things out and if the wind does not go back to the 40mph gusts we had yesterday I might at least get a little bit of flying in one evening inbetween now and then....Continue Reading