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Posted by cactus | Mar 16, 2011 @ 11:26 PM | 12,675 Views
This thread will report the progress on my first quad rotor craft build. Actually, I have never owned one let alone flown one, so this is going to be new all around. At least it flys like a 4-channel helicopter (so they say) so I have that going for me as I have been flying FP and CP helis of various sizes for years.

If you have ever researched setting one of these up you probably discovered what I did; these thing can cost a small fortune. Very few hobby grade ones are available in ARF form. The Gaui 330X is probably the most popular one to start with but has some shortfalls leaving many to spend more on upgrades to get it flying like they want.

Enter the MultiWiiCopter based platform. Designed to use inexpensive off the shelf components and some soldering and assembly you can have a descent multi copter for a fraction of what some go for just the controller and gyros. I decided to go this route to learn the programming behind this as well as the satisfaction of rolling my own and saving money.

So far I have competed the controller board and have it mounted on a frame with patch/rx connected. I am waiting for my ESC's, motors, props and some LED lights to show up.

Here is the setup to date:

- warthox - MultiWiiCopter board - v1.2
- Arduino Pro Mini 328 5v 16Mhz CPU
- Wii Motion Plus Gyro board
- VC-20-450 Quad Frame
- AR6110 Rx
- Connectors and patch cables

Completion Items:
- (4) KDA 20-22l Brushless Motors
- (4) Turnigy Plush 18 Amp ESC's
- LED strands of various colors.