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Posted by cactus | Mar 02, 2010 @ 03:59 PM | 11,580 Views
I picked up a NIP Swift 16 kit with motor/Esc/pinion combo along with some Hitec digital servos off of a ezoner in late January. I have been building it slowly here and there as I get time.

Current Setup (Apr 2010):

Swift 16 stock kit
Century 600+ brushless motor
CC Ice 100 ESC
9 tooth pinion
Spektrum AR7000
HS 5475HB (3) Cyclic
Futaba 401/9254
Turnegy 5S 5000 20C packs (2)

This thing is easy to work on because everything is not tiny like with micros. So far the build has been positive experience and I have enjoyed it. The kit was missing the tail thrust bearings, but a quick email to Century and they sent me the missing parts for no-charge. I have paid attention to how smoothly everything operates and to fix it if it does not move smoothly.