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Posted by Too Many Toys | Feb 01, 2018 @ 04:18 AM | 7,139 Views
FrSky S6R, S8R, (SXR) Auto Level, Receiver TroubleShooting guide.

Added: Buy Two Units, if Both don't work then 99.5 % You have done something incorrectly.
Start with a NEW Model Always. If you import or copy a problem it may take days or weeks to spot.
This is a very common scenario.

Be aware ~

Quick Mode is the current Default if you buy a new SXR receiver or re-flash to the
latest Firmware. Quick Mode (switches) operate very differently to the Original Auto Modes.
See Quick Mode below. or

Binding ~

The SXR needs to be Bound to the Tx in D16 Mode.
But the default for D16 is only 8 Ch's are active, you need to set at least 12 Ch's active.
Added: It seems later versions of OpenTx V2.2.> now have 16 Ch's active by default.

Otherwise Ch9, Ch10, Ch11 and Ch12 will do nothing when you toggle the switch.

Toggling CH12 (Self Check) does not work ~

Do not use a 2 Pos switch for Ch12, otherwise it can never be 0.0%.
When you get more advanced you can work it out yourself.

See above also.

Self Check ~

The Single Most Important Part Of Setting Up An SXR Receiver.

Once all of the Acc/Gyro Config and Switches/Pot and Wing Type have been setup "correctly"
you can perform a Self Check. You should complete the Self Check for Bench Testing also.

If the SXR is in a Plane you should set the Wings Level and Attitude slightly Nose Up.
If you use any Rates in the Model they must all be set to High before you...Continue Reading
Posted by Too Many Toys | May 23, 2017 @ 06:35 AM | 5,996 Views
FatShark Goggles and Diopter Lenses.

I've needed reading glasses for years now for reading or anything close up type work.
My long-sight vision is perfect. For really close up work like electronics I've been known to
wear two or three pairs of reading glasses stacked ontop of each other to see the really tiny stuff.

For FPV use I have a few 7" LCD screens and Mono style Goggle but until recently I tried to avoid
FatSharks or other goggles. For one I thought they were not good value for money and the resolution
until recently was pretty much crap. And secondly I need glasses for close up stuff you can't use goggles
and wear glasses usually or even use many of those Mono style goggle even though some are adjustable.

I eventually caved and bought a set of FatShark Dom V3 (not HD ones) I also bought a set of Diopter Lenses.
They were crap, really crap, worse than no diopter lenses. I wasn't happy at all.

As an experiment I bought a few sets of what they sometimes call Nose Clip Glasses, they have no arms, they
just sit on the bridge of your nose and balance there. I couldn't wear them with the goggle or goggles either.

So I cut up one set and glued them onto the FatSharks and "Voilą", instant clarity, now I was happy

These things are commonly available on e-bay and only cost around $2 bucks a set.
I think I ordered +1.5, +2.0 and +2.5 magnification to try out.
They are cheap molded plastic and probably scratch very easily so be careful with them before and after
installation. At least they are cheap to replace if you damage them.

If you have trouble with Goggles and need Glasses to read with maybe these will help you also

Welcome to My Tip Of The Day.

You can post your own tip as long as it is original and useful or interesting, keep them reasonably brief also.
Comments are not necessarily needed, just enjoy
Posted by Too Many Toys | Mar 17, 2017 @ 04:16 AM | 56,425 Views
New SXR Manual here ~ Best version so far ~ Compatiblity : S6R / S8R, UpdateTime : 2018-02-02, Version : 180202.
New Troubleshooting Guide here ~ Feb 2018.

Aug 2018 ~ I will add some more recent information in post #4

Around September 2016 FrSky released the S6R Receiver with 3-Axis Stabilization.

Then around February 2017 FrSky also released the S8R Receiver with 3-Axis Stabilization.

FrSky S6R
6CH, Telemetry, S-Port.
3-Axis Stabilization.
6CH Receiver with built-in 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer.

FrSky S8R
8/16CH, Telemetry, S-Port, SBUS port.
3-Axis Stabilization.
8/16CH Receiver with built-in 3-axis gyro and 3-axis accelerometer.

Compatible Radios ~
FrSky Taranis X9D, X9D Plus/X9E/Q X7/Horus X12S/XJT in D16 mode, S6R-EU only works
with Horus X12S and Taranis X9D Plus/X9E-EU/XJT-EU in D16-EU mode.
There are other Radios that can use these Receivers, I'll add them later, e.g. Ersky9x.

Compatible Accessories, Firmware, Apps.
FrSky offers an STK, USB dongle to Program/Update/Setup/Configuration of the S6R and S8R Receivers.
This STK, USB dongle is used in conjunction with a PC and Config Apps for all Setup or Configuration etc.

There is also another Setup/Configuration option, a LUA Script that runs directly out of your Radio Tx.
To run this LUA option you need OpenTx Firmware 2.2 or above, currently Ver 2.2 is only Beta Firmware.
This is best for another Thread in my...Continue Reading