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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Nov 19, 2017 @ 03:09 PM | 1,566 Views
Hello and welcome to my RaceFlight BigDeal 3inc RaceSpec Millivolt Spark Spektrum BuildBlogPost!

This is going to be a short build blog since there isn't much to build... the BigDeal has a bottom plate, a top plate, and three standoffs... the tpu camera mount slides onto the front standoffs... and the fc mounting screws... well... they are screws and you just put them through the carbon and put the nut on top

You can get all this (- receiver + props) as the RaceSpec from the RaceFlightStore for 225$

so lets get to the heart of the BigDeal, the Millivolt FlightControler To that I connect the SmartAudio cable from the Unify as well as the pins that will join into the connectors on the Spark
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Nov 01, 2017 @ 07:21 PM | 3,128 Views
The BattGo Technology is spreading rapidly so I am creating this one thread for all BattGo equipped devices... from Lipos over Chargers to the USB Linker... and more to come

Since a few days I am playing with it and so far I like it... the lipos (charsoon 1300 and 1500) seem to be good so far and the T8 I have since some time plays really nice with them!

First things first... what does actually BattGo do/offer?
so far I know of those

it will show:
- Battery brand
- Production date
- Battery type
- Battery capacity
- Max charging C
- Max discharging C
- Battery circulation (recharged)
- Over temperature (how often)
- Battery over charging (how often)
- Battery over discharging (how often)

what it will save:
- default charge rate (I like to pic 2C)
- default storage charge voltage
- default max charge voltage

whats freaking awesome
- auto discharge timer (after X hours the lipo will self-discharge )

Keep in mind, this info is stored on the chip inside the lipo so you can have one lipo that you always overcharge and one that you always undercharge... pretty cool IMO...

both the 1300mAh and 1500mAh Charsoon BattGo Lipos connected to the iSDT T8

As of right now I think the iSDT T8 is the only charger with an XT60i and therefor BattGo support...
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Oct 31, 2017 @ 09:16 PM | 2,532 Views
Hello and welcome to my RaceFlight SkinnyKid Revolt Bolt Spektrum Build Blog Post!

Brian Morris aka BrainDrain, famous for taking second place at the "first" Nationals after Chad Nowac back in 2016 and getting into the finals in Dubai and so much more finally released his new racing frame, the SkinnyKid As he is I will be running RaceFlightOne on a Revolt FC and a Bolt ESC as well as the new Warp 8 motors

So let's get started!

DISCLAIMER... I did a few things (I wouldn't call them mistakes... but well ) different in the beginning than they are now, best is to look at all the pics first and I also mention those things during the building process in text from so, please skip through it completely before starting the build to be on the safe side

lets take a quick look at what I am using for this build, most of it is from the RaceFlightStore:

Frame: BrainDrain's SkinnyKid
FC: Revolt V3
ESC: Bolt V2
Motors: 2308 2600 Warp 8
FPV Cam: MicroSwift
vTx: MatekHV
Rx: SPM4649T
OSD: Piggy OSD V2 (not right now but will be put on TX1 then)

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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Sep 09, 2017 @ 04:22 PM | 6,608 Views
I normally don't review what I consider "toy drones", but this one got me interested and I am glad I gave it a shot!

The JJRC H47 ELFIE+ (link to TMART)

It's a light weight drone that has a cam and wifi build in so you can record video and take photos (which look to me like frame gabs of the video) to capture angles you can't reach without a drone.

The case it comes in is actually super nice, everything fits in there and it feels like it will offer some protection as well

Quick overview of whats in the box: manual, screwdriver, 4 spare props, remote and the elfie+
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jul 15, 2017 @ 05:13 PM | 3,661 Views
Did not have the intention to do a blog post on this one... but lol... just coming back from the flying field and I crashed the socks out of it and I am both freaking impressed and freaking happy how much fun it was that I just can't hold back and need to do a BP RIGHT NOW!

So it all began when HorizonHobby created a huge hype about a unknow product they were going to do a Apple like Live Keynote on... and it was "just an other plane"... kind of a boomer but well... it was "another VTOL"... but a Tailsitter... hm... nice approach... I actually did not want to buy it... but then a shop I had a discount code had it on preorder and I did order it

Unboxing // X-Vert // VTOL // HorizonHobby (8 min 58 sec)

Putting decals on:
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jul 08, 2017 @ 07:34 PM | 22,756 Views
I am super excited to finally get to play with the Piggy OSDs from Banggood since so far I only had the original HUGE minimOSD to test the RFOSD FW on

This is how I ended up enjoying it

But first lets check how the Piggy looks and how it fits on the "HS1177 style" cam... in this case it's a swift 1 which makes it a bit more difficult to fit since the S1 uses different screws (smaller) and therefore it sin't a perfect match... but doable... you will see

Drops in nicely but you can notice that the screw holes don't line up perfectly
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jul 02, 2017 @ 10:18 AM | 3,654 Views
With the lack of inverters on most FCs I spend some time trying to figure out why SBus and other stuff is inverted in the first place... and it seems like it's just done that way to make life harder That's why I am fighting for uSBus (u = uninverted) by bypassing the inverter and saving us from using an inverter on the FC side.

I want to add more and more receivers to this overview, right now all I have working are the XSR and the R620X / R720X but I would gladly add more to this list!

All we need to do is find the "A" pad with the uninverted signal and use that

Let's start with the XSR:

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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jun 24, 2017 @ 11:33 AM | 5,090 Views
This is work in progress... I just ordered a few things from the EU and the China store with different shipping options... lets see when what arrives

All items are in stock and listed as "dispatched in 1 business day"

the following combinations were selected:

China to EU via DMG Direct Mail (0.37€)
China to EU via Standard Shipping (free / tracking 1.18€)
EU to EU via France Express (3.64€)
EU to EU via Priority Direct Mail (2.73€)

Posted by JulianGoesPro | Mar 04, 2017 @ 07:07 AM | 7,548 Views
Normally you see me doing quad stuff... but I also like flying fixed wing stuff... but I never ever flew a wing... so when I saw Banggood offering the Reptile S800 for so cheap (and I had seen this or a similar designs quite some time ago and like it) I had to build one!

The package isn't that huge... (sorry... best pic I took... but watch the unboxing below )

...but more parts then expected

...then I had to decide which glue I would pick of those I had laying around
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jan 01, 2017 @ 03:37 PM | 8,615 Views
Hello and welcome to my RaceFlight Orca Revolt Spektrum Build Blog Post!

I finally got the Orca frame and couldn't resist building "the RaceFlight quad" (only thing missing is the RF motor, but the new RedBottom S should do fine )

So let's get started! DISCLAIMER... I did a few things (you could call them mistakes) different in the beginning than they are now, best is to look at all the pics first and I also mention those things during the building process in text from ...and I messed up the pics... sorry...

the orca frame, thanks Kalyn for that buying that awesome silver marker :-P

let's add the scews for the stack
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jun 09, 2016 @ 10:09 AM | 11,067 Views
So I got my hands on some new high kv motors I am super excited about!

from left to right:
RCX 2205 2633kv (not really new, just as a reference)
GemFan 2205 2700kv
Cobra 2204 2850kv

For the test props I decided on:
T5040 (freyblue yeah xD)
4045BN (work in progress)

The hybrid bullnose tri might be a bit crazy but I always like to push it so why not

ESC is XRotor20A running BLHeli 14.4
FC is a Naze (PIDC disabled)
Tx is a Taranis (0-idle-WOT-idle-0)

the Cobra with it's 26g is definitely the lighter one, it's design is pretty much the same as the 2300kv version and we all know, thats a pretty light motor!

the GemFan with it's "thicker" design has a few grams more to cray around, it weights in at 31g. I guess future will tell if it will take more beating that way, it defiantly looks sturdy
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jun 06, 2016 @ 07:42 PM | 11,135 Views
Right from the moment Flyduino announced the KissCarrierBoard (PDB) I fell in love with it... because I hate wires... and I hate heat shrink

...but there was no satisfying frame option back then that would fit the Carrier so I didn't go for it... but a few weeks ago I saw pics of the DroneLegion and instantly new this would be the perfect match!

...so I got in contact with DL, told them that I am interested in their prototype frame (wasn't willing to wait for the release batch) and made them an offer they couldn't say no to

For this build I looked in my spare parts box and picked those components (will change later sorry xD)

FPV Cam: SurveilZone HS1177
vTx: SurveilZone Foxeer 200mW vTx
OSD: Banggood MinimOSD
Receiver: Orange R620X v2 Telemetry DSMX receiver

...later I decided agains the OSD (couldn't get it to work... probably dead max chip) and the receiver and went for "no OSD" and an Orange diversity SpekSat
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | May 31, 2016 @ 06:03 PM | 9,633 Views
So I am flying this awesome true X race quad frame for months now so it's about time to blog about my love

TheX it is called It's a mix out of a warpquad style bottom and a krieger style top but the way it mounts the top section plates to the top plate is genius, no ripping those small pads grabbing onto the nut you might have seen with the Krieger or it's clones, but see for yourself


I might not be the "clean build" guy but I just want to fly and keep flying
...and for the Race in Zellhausen I had to add LED lights with switchable colors and since I was running a KissFC by then I had to use the HK intelligent RGB controller

HK intelligent RGB LED controller (0 min 17 sec)

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Posted by JulianGoesPro | May 11, 2016 @ 04:02 PM | 11,352 Views
This is kind of an coward situation... I love Spektrum but now I have to talke about an Orange Receiver... well... it's just too good not to

This is the R620X V2 telemetry, SBus and DSMX (and DSM2) Receiver from HobbyKing

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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Apr 20, 2016 @ 09:49 AM | 12,443 Views
This is a super quick Build Log for my Blade INDUCTRIX + HobbyKing vTx Cam Combo

Right out of the box!

swopped the canopy to blue and put the vTxCam next to it
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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Jan 07, 2016 @ 05:23 AM | 10,871 Views
This Blog post is a bit different then my others, it's a diary just to have a place were I can look back to how bad my heli skills are/were and how/if they improved

15 years ago I started rc flying with an brushed ECO8 CP FB heli from IKARUS... it was a lot of fun to build and I could get it to fly quite OK (for the standards back then) but repair costs were kind of skyrocketing and TBH that thing kind of scared me (so my other gasoline heli, I think it was like 6kg and no nitro, true "benzin"^^) so I moved over to (sail)planes and now after I spend so much time with quads and FPV I thought it would be cool to get back to helis... and I always had an eye on the Blade 180 cfx since it came out so...

Mr Coca Cola (Santa) put this little powerhouse of micro CP heli under the tree!

just realising I didn't take a pic OOTB... lol... just one of the tool set it came with^^

I have listed all flights and will try to add all upcoming flights in the next post and the third post lists all the crash pics with my replacement / repair approaches

Feel free to ask questions or add suggestions or improvements!
Posted by JulianGoesPro | Nov 12, 2015 @ 11:54 PM | 36,327 Views
So I just pulled the trigger on the new Foxeer TM25 25mW (200mW) 5.8G 40CH Mini VTX with Race Band from SurveilZone!

Was waiting for the IRC RaceBand vTx for ever and went for the Eachine Banggood set instead

Since here in Germany restriction are quite tough (25mW for real^^) and more and more races requite you to participate with a legal vTx, I wanted a second 25mW vTx (as of right now I only have one "non RaceBand" IRC 25mW vTx) so was super exited when I saw SurveilZone listing this new vTx

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Posted by JulianGoesPro | Oct 11, 2015 @ 10:23 PM | 17,954 Views
I couldn't find a thread for this OSD, so I guess that means it's my turn

I call it the StackOSD, Banggood calls it the "FPV OSD On Screen Displayer Support 10DOF 6DOF Naze32 Flight Controller"... (I like my name choice better )

It sure looks like a OSDog clone but despite ordering it a few weeks ago it's still on it's way... (I blame german customs for that but not sure^^) so can't say it works at all^^

It is supposed to run common MinimOSD FWs and should stack on top of the Naze32 rev5...

Would love to hear thoughts and experiences from those who are interested in it or even are already using it
Posted by JulianGoesPro | Oct 06, 2015 @ 01:44 AM | 18,400 Views


I stumbled over this cam when I was looking through gear best and found this video on YT...
FIREFLY 6S 4K test with Phantom 2 (4 min 50 sec)

Even down sampled to 1080p this is definitely impressive, but the 4K quality for that price factor... on a sportscam... <--- all I am saying for now :-P

this is a screenshot I took out of the YT video... look at all those details

You can use this link and the Code: FIREFLY6S to get even more discount on that cam

I guess I will have to test it myself, this could really dethrone my Hero3 Black Edition which is getting old but still can outperform the Xaiomi Yi
Posted by JulianGoesPro | Sep 27, 2015 @ 05:45 PM | 15,878 Views
A year ago I wanted a BlackOutSuperMiniH so badly but went for the ZMR to get started with Mini Quads... now I want the Alien (by Soma) so badly but had a perfectly fine but used ZMR frame laying around (couldn't resist and had bought an BOSMH eventually xD)... so I tried to get creative and as far as I know no-one has done it like that

I "Aliened" my ZMR and called it ZMAlien by JGP (sorry )

MTM are 222mm now and clearance between the props is perfect but it's slightly overlapping the bottom plates, though the HQ5045BN aren't touching anything

One "downside" is, that you need to run metal screws through the FC holes, my plan is to let them go through the PDB like in the pics and then use nylon spacers to mount the FC and OSD (so three layers) on top.

Luckily two of the holes in the arms match the holes in the bottom plates quite well, it's not a perfect fit but it easy enough to just use a normal screwdriver

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