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Posted by Pat Lynch | Nov 28, 2012 @ 03:28 PM | 13,180 Views
The Heinkel build stalled for a short while as I tackled some 'elephants in the room' or should that be 'monkeys on my back'! A couple of years ago I foolishly agreed to build a kit for the son of a friend. It had been sitting in the family shed for many years unbuilt and I was approached to do the job. I was reluctant as I've always got my own stuff queued up but earning a few dollars was attractive so a price was negotiated on the grounds that it would have to fit in around my other stuff. The 54" Ultimate had hung from ceiling for too long and so the last couple of weeks saw it mostly completed. The client said all-silver and so that is what it is! Silver isn't the easiest of finishes but she looks OK. Maybe some trim or lettering in black would look good............

With the heinkel mostly built but with lots of finishing to do, I have been researching and collecting plans, parts, wood, references etc for a MAJOR scale build. Recently in New Zealand, two twin engine WW2 aircraft made their maiden post restoration flights and got plenty of press and TV coverage. One had twin Merlins and is a very comonly modelled aircraft by Dehavilland. The other, as soon as I saw pictures of it in flight comletely captivated me.

More info when I get some idea of whether this project will eventuate......