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Posted by Pat Lynch | Dec 22, 2008 @ 04:01 PM | 15,494 Views
I was approached by Adrian Britton to build a prototype of the tiny 'Honeybee' - a real departure from my normal choices - it was not an easy build, with many new techniques but it was finished and flew quite well although not suited to my usual rough flying fields. Thanks for the opportunity Adrian Log at:
I am also doing a conversion of Peter Rakes's 'Ryans Daughter' . It should finish as an Avian Monoplane racer. Progress has been slow fitting in around other projects. Build log:
An entry in the fun-build is an RC conversion of an old FF model - a Walrus amphibian. Walrus log : This is on hold for a short time while my entry into build-off 3 takes shape - an AVRO 555 Bison. I dont think it has been modelled before - not rc anyway.
and Youtube:
Avro Bison (2 min 23 sec)