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Posted by Pat Lynch | Apr 19, 2008 @ 04:06 AM | 17,337 Views
Things have been going rather slowly of late. Not so much lack of building but taking a long time about it The Bristol M1c started last year has flown beautifully (and still flies). Build thread :

The Albatros DII started in 2007 has survived the nerve-wracking maiden. This model taxed my building skills a little but I'm very pleased with the result and, like most Rake designs, it flies beautifully.
The Albatros build log can be found at : and on Youtube at:
Albatros DII model maiden flight (2 min 2 sec)

The other project occupying most of my time since dec 2007 has been a 62" model of the French Potez 621 airliner. The model started life as an ugly Potez 540 bomber and got the ugly-duckling treatment after some less-than-kind jibes by fellow rcgroupers The result is a huge improvement I have to admit. This model is almost completed and also waiting for its first flight. It will hopefully be an entry in the rcgroups electric scale forum Build-Off.

Potez build log at :