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Posted by Jay Burkart | Jan 20, 2011 @ 07:29 PM | 8,227 Views
They are ready to cover.
What is left is installing the LE pins when mated to the fuselage
and the trailing edge wing bolts will be drilled to mate to the fuselage.
The ply reinforcement for these are installed at the center trailing edge.

The wings have a span of about 9 ft 5". Darn, I was trying for 10ft.
The Chord is about 16"
I can't even stand the darn things up in my shop.
You can hide behind these wings.
Hold them over your head in a breeze and you'll be airborn.
They look good if I do say so.
Now, hide all that pretty jointery under covering, how sinful.
I will start on the fuselages soon, still waiting on my new saw.
Posted by Jay Burkart | Jan 17, 2011 @ 06:46 PM | 9,105 Views
Having done the wing bisection the root panels need 1/16 Ply end cap ribs.
These are epoxied on and then sanded to conform exactly to the midsection sheeting.
Best tip on doing this is to put painters tape around the root of the wing section to
keep the epoxy from getting over on to the sheeting and also as a tell tale for when
sanding the cap rib to be flush with the sheeting.
Hold the tape about 1/16 back from the joint so that the epoxy does not glue the
tape in place, I also paint the epoxy on the ply rib with an acid brush that has
it's bristles shortened so that they are stiffer and can more effectivley brush out
the epoxy.
Next is the install of all the 1/16 ply dihedral braces on the Spars, Trailing edge
and leading edge.
There is a lot of cutting a fitting here and a pattern is cut from balsa first and then
traced onto the ply and all the braces are cut out. Make sure that the outer
ply grain is horizontal. A lot of even the aircraft ply now days is only 3 ply and
the two outer layers are in the same direction....Continue Reading
Posted by Jay Burkart | Jan 15, 2011 @ 09:02 PM | 8,344 Views
Cut all the midsections into two pieces right down the center line, through the joiner tubes
and into two equal parts with tubes perfectly aligned and ready for plywood end cap ribs.
One picture shows the cut through section with a 1/16 Ply end cap rib not the joiner tubes
showing through. A carbide blade cuts these tubes very well.
Then we cut the dihedral angle on all the the midsection tip ends and the matching
angle on all the wing tips. Nothing like a radial arm saw to do this with a nice 80 tooth
carbide blade for a slick cut. Also I made a little jig to align the tips for a square cut.
Just basically a wedge of 3/4" wood cut at the complementary angle of the tips
leading edge angle and trailing edge angle.
With all the dihedral angles cut on all the pieces we primed all the raw ends of the
parts like spars, Trailing edges and leading edges with thin CA.
Then I used my wing dihedral joining jig to match all the midsection halves to their
respective tips. Easy to line each wing panel up and joined.
Next will be the dihedral braces and ribs at the joints, also epoxy on the end cap ribs....Continue Reading
Posted by Jay Burkart | Jan 13, 2011 @ 09:36 PM | 7,734 Views
A bit more progress on the Wings.
The center or midsection of the wing has to be prepared to cut it into two right in the middle
to make two sections that will plug together.
So the wing has to be esentially covering ready through the entire middle section and then
it is cut into two halves on a radial arm saw.
This will mean cutting all of the structure including the joiner tubes.
Also in the middle section the TE is prepped for where the mounting bolts are installed
very near the TE a little bit off the center line.
Also you see the locating holes at the LE for the CF pins.
These go into the ply reinforced ribs on eithes side of the center.
I hope to be cutting the wings in two in a couple of days.
Then the tips will be joined onto their respective half of middlesection.
Doing the joined wing this way allows for quicker build and also the two
sections will exactly mate as they were built as one and then cut down the middle so both sides will match....Continue Reading
Posted by Jay Burkart | Jan 03, 2011 @ 10:14 PM | 6,626 Views
Made a bit more progress on the 1600's
Got one set of the tips rough framed and the other 2 sets should be easy.
Nothing special on these, just have to take in account that I build the wing joint from the midsection to the tips different than in Jim O'Reilly plans.
Since I do not use plug in tips like are on the plans.
Posted by Jay Burkart | Jan 01, 2011 @ 08:19 PM | 6,632 Views
I have framed up all three midsection wing panels.
This is the shear webs on the midsection with 1/16 balsa vertical grained on the outer 6 panels and
1/16 Plywood with the outer Plys in vertical grain for the inner panels.
Also the locating pin tube socket for the center section joiner.
This is toward the TE of the wing and is a tube that accepts a 1/8" music wire pin.
Note the sandwich of three ribs for the center section. The middle ribs is 1/8" to allow for
the kerf of the saw blade when I cut the center section in two parts later on.