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Posted by Jay Burkart | Oct 30, 2010 @ 04:19 PM | 4,200 Views
Well the Champs win was a high point.
Now, not so happy.

Hobby Lobby decided that they didn't need me as a techsupport person anymore after doing that for 3 years for them.
I used to answer all of their email and web based questions also answered their forum questions.

I was a contracted person supplying a service for them, so they just
ended my contract.
I have been working with them and the former owner in one way or another
for 28 years.
Now I am looking for some kind of support role for another company.
My entire career has been in customer support and customer product
support including retiring from Hewlett Packard after 29 years of field support.

In the meantime I am earning a little extra money by building models for friends. I have just finished an Airborne 292 sqin and have started 2 WREN SOS models and have lined up to build 3 of the 1600 sqin Airbornes for
some of the other SAM guys. I am also finishing a Super Buccaneer hangar queen for another friend.
I stick build all of these models and do an excellent building job if I do say so.
Right now on the Airborne models, I have built 27 of them so far in different sizes and have sold 12 of those so far the other 5 are my current SAM competition models. Others went on trade etc.
Sometimes I wish there was a way to make a regular income of building models but no one wants to pay what there is in labor in the models.
But it keeps me busy and pays for my models and developing new setups for competition.
Posted by Jay Burkart | Oct 02, 2010 @ 08:17 PM | 4,292 Views
I had a great SAM Championships this year

I won The Electric Grand Champion for the third time, Previously in 2004 and 2007.
Seems like every third year is my good performance year.

Of the 5 electric events:
Won SOS and Speed 400 LMR event
2nd in Wakefield and LMR
3rd in Texaco

My Airborns and those of my buddies flew really well.
Seems like the design that has come into it's own.
Besides the one's flown by my buddies there were a bunch of them
competing this year both in Gas and Electric.

I have built 25 Airborns so far since 2007, got it down to a science in all the various sizes.