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Posted by Gerry__ | Jan 13, 2011 @ 09:01 AM | 11,501 Views
This often asked question will generally boil down to a choice between the Mupltiplex EasyStar (EZ*) and the Graupner Electro Rookie.

Well, I think the Rookie is better than the EZ* in pretty much every way and with that in mind I offer these objective Rookie plus points:

1. the wings have a much better designed interlocking arrangement.

2. The canopy is much more secure.

3. The cockpit is bigger and more easily accessible.

4. The tail is detachable.

5. The model fits back in its own box for ease of transport.

6. The kit comes with a brushless motor and ESC as standard.

7. Power is easily upgraded by adding a 3s lipo.

8. There is an integrated ballast system.

9. Ballast is included with the kit.

10. The battery secures without need for velcro.

11. The fuse is re-enforced with a carbon rod.

12. You get two props supplied. One for 3s and one for 2s.

13. Raised CoG points moulded into the wings.

Personally I think the Rookie handles much better than the EasyStar too.

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Both are fine planes and will serve any beginner well, but I believe that the Rookie is of a significantly better design that offers a much better pathway into the hobby than the EZ*