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Posted by GorillaBob | Feb 11, 2008 @ 11:31 PM | 10,052 Views
The new CR28M Contra Rotating Brushless Motor we are carrying is an awesome little motor and the sound of the twin props is awesome. I'm not sure what plane I am going to put this thing in but it should be fun no matter what!

Here is a short video of the motor running on one 40 amp ESC.

The motor was running on one 2200mah 10c 3 cell LiPo. You can hear when the motors begin pulling more than the pack can provide and they drop off in rpm. The highest I saw the motors at while running on this old pack was 20 amps and 175 watts. I will try running the motor on 2 packs for better amp draw and running each motor on it's own ESC & Pack.

================================================== ====

CR28M Contra Rotating Brushless Motor on 2 ESCs

As noted in the power systems thread, I threw a magnet today and had to disassemble the motor to glue it back into place. The back side of the cans face has little fingers that hold the magnets in position, making it very easy to get the magnet into the right spot. While it was apart, I took the time to add a drop of CA to all the other magnets too.

When re-assembling the motor, I couldn't get the grub screw tight enough to keep the can from rotating on the shaft. So while it was apart, I ground a small flat spot on the shaft and replaced the grub screw, which didn't fit my hex wrench very well, with another. It is very tight now and feels much more secure on the shaft. Because of the repair work, I didn't get the batteries charged for a good run but ran the motor with 2 of the used packs from the single ESC run. You can hear where they top out and the motors die off. The motor just starts to sound great and the drop off occurs.

I can't decide if I like the synched sound of one ESC or the stacatto of the two ESCs the most

Posted by GorillaBob | May 03, 2007 @ 07:06 PM | 7,081 Views
Back when I had only been into the Sport for a few years, a local flyer, who I had tutored on his computer, gave me two Great Planes Ugly Stick 20s that he had crashed and didn't have any desire to rebuild. Since I was younger back then and had a young familly, money for planes was a little harder to come by and I was know in the club as the guy that repaired crashed planes. So I took what little was left of the 2 planes, purchased the plans from great Planes, and set about rebuilding the first plane.

Once the first plane was rebuilt and flown, it was a great plane and quickly became my favorite plane to fly. Well after a couple of seasons of flight, i happend to have one of those Brain Cramp moments, and allowed it to slow down too much on approach. As would be expected, it dropped a wing tip and headed for "Tera Firma". I managed to get it straightened out and beginning to climb but it was already headed for the HUGE pile of bolders that are stacked at the end of the field. The plane caught a wing tip on a rock and spun in.

The damage to the plane wasn't too bad and I decided that I could repair it and rebuild the other frame at the same time. About the time I got the planes finished, life, familly, and work all became too much and it was a whole year before I was able to fly again. By that time, the kids had grown enough that their activities began to run my life and I was no longer able to get to the field on Saturdays to fly. It wasn't too much later that...Continue Reading
Posted by GorillaBob | Apr 24, 2007 @ 02:33 AM | 7,189 Views
Here is the program used on a MAC to convert the native stj files on the 5-In-1 to MOV format.

Seems that MacOS-X Has problems with the program. Fortunatly for the Mac guys xatled99 has been kind enough to work on the program and has solved the issues. Please down load the 2nd version of the program for the updated version.

Also, the files that are generated by the program will play in QuickTime but can't be imported directly into iMovie. Thanks to ratb for pointing out that


which will transcode the files into a format that iMovie can import it.
Posted by GorillaBob | Mar 26, 2007 @ 05:06 PM | 7,369 Views
Several customers and fellow Zoners have frequently run into problems understanding the little display on the 5-In-1 cameras and have had problems getting the video and or pictures off of the camera. I have created a short video showing how to record a short clip, download it to an XP based computer, and how to convert the file to the AVI format. I hope this helps some of you out a little.

Video can be found here: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...mentid=1236875
Posted by GorillaBob | Jan 03, 2007 @ 10:16 PM | 7,892 Views
Since I keep losing track of the page I posted the AVI Create file to, in the Small & Inexpensive Video thread, I figured I would post botht he link and the file here where they can be easily located.

Thread Location:
Posted by GorillaBob | Apr 03, 2006 @ 02:59 AM | 9,377 Views
I can't beleave it. I liked the old system much better!