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Posted by Old_RC_Guy | Oct 31, 2017 @ 01:08 PM | 2,258 Views
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Posted by Old_RC_Guy | Feb 02, 2015 @ 08:23 PM | 6,394 Views
Latest list of my Hangar occupants:

Apprentice S 15e RTF
Apprentice S 15e RTF Floats
Blade 120 S BNF
Blade 180 QX BNF
Blade Nano CP S BNF
Durafly Retro Series Das Ugly Stick
Dynam PBY Catalina - Blue/Yellow
Dynam PBY Catalina - Gray
Eachine Fury Wing
E-Flite J3 Piper Cub ARF 450
E-Flite PT-17 1.1m
E-Flite Timber BNF
Eleven Hobby T-28 Yellow
Eleven Hobby T-28 Red/White
F-22 Scratch Built Foam 32" from RCG Plans
Flite Test Simple Storch
FlyZone Select Scale DHC-2 Beaver ARF Floats
FlyZone Select Scale DHC-2 Beaver ARF Wheels
Great Planes Seawind EP 39.5"
Hangar 9 J3 Piper Cub (HAN4000), Saito 80GK
Hangar 9 Carbon Cub SS, Saito 120S
Hobbyzone Champ #1 RTF
Hobbyzone Champ #2 RTF
Hobbyzone Champ RTF on Floats
Hobbyzone Night Vapor BNF
HobbyZone Sport Cub S BNF - Floats
HobbyZone Sport Cub S BNF
Parkzone UM T-28 BNF
SIG Four Star 40 Kit
SIG Kadet Seniorita Sport ARF E-Flite Power 32
SIG Lil' Rascal
SIG/Seagull SpaceWalker 2 Saito 56 GK
UMX PT-17 Stearman BNF
UMX Spacewalker BNF #1
UMX Spacewalker BNF #2
UMX Timber BNF - Floats
US Aircore Barnstormer 40 Saito 65
US Aircore Trainer 40 Saito 56
XK A600 DHC-2 Beaver

My Grandson's Hangar:

E-flite Pulse 15e
Parkzone Artizan with AS3X
Maxford Profile P-47

Radio Gear:

Spektrum DX9 Black Edition
Spektrum DX6 G3
Spektrum DX6e
Spektrum DXe Retail Version
Spektrum DX5 (3 pos. Gear)
Futaba T6J