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Posted by BowerR64 | Dec 29, 2008 @ 06:32 PM | 6,994 Views
I bought this with money my dad gave me for christmas. First time i seen the shape of this canopy it screamed teeth for the front. There were some sample images where they cut little vents for air and when i got mine i thought it needed a different style vents.

My brother got me a new dremel for christmas so i used that to do some of the "dental" work lol

Came out a little creepy but its different i guess.
Posted by BowerR64 | Dec 08, 2008 @ 05:52 PM | 7,350 Views
My last hobbie before helicopters was photography, i didnt have a good eye for taking artistic images but after the time i spent on camera forums and just trial and error i found a really good method to take decent shots with just cheap or basic equipment.

My main 3 cameras i use can still be found i think. Canon powershot S2, powershot A700 and an A540

I chose canon because to my eye the LCD screen looks about as true as what i see color wise. I found the biggest part of adjusting the camera is what you see on the display. So if you get an eye for how it looks on the screen after the shot then you know what you need to change to get a brighter or darker shot.

I found the biggest problem with the cameras we can get today is lighting, the more the better. The more spread out even better.

Im using 35mm external flash units with a "flash trigger" that slips on the bottom of the flash so when your pocket camera flash fires, it then fires this larger external or "slave" flash. I usualy point it to my ceiling so it illuminates the whole room. Thats what gives me that studio kinda image because its actualy giving me light from all directions. I think it works very well and its so cheap its not even funny.
Posted by BowerR64 | Dec 08, 2008 @ 06:15 AM | 7,547 Views
Here are some closeup shots of the walkera gyro board requested by another member. I had one apart so i took a few closeup shots of it.

Shot with a canon powershot S2 using the stock flash in super macro mode with a paper/cardboard flashring. ISO 50, F5.0, 1/500 shutter, max flash manual mode. Cropped with MS paint for file size.