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Posted by raz | Jul 30, 2012 @ 04:29 PM | 7,880 Views
I am currently on my 5th BD-5 which this one is the HK version but since the AW & HK both share the same nasty issues the fix is the same for both models. One problem has been they were all pitch sensitive, like the full size. Another has been wanting to climb at full throttle and if you trimmed it there it had a lot of down elevator which made part throttle flying challenging and the last is wanting to shoot back to the ground (hard and fast) while trying to take off and I am happy to say all these bad habits are gone! I borrowed a friends incidence meter and after getting the rear stab level (0 degrees) I checked the wing and it had 3 degrees positive which is quite a bit and the motor thrust angle was minus 1 degree. I cut the firewall off 1" to shorten it for an out-runner and angled the motor so it's aligned with the stab now at 0 degrees so it no longer tries to push the nose up and I lowered the leading edge of the wing by 1/8" which gave the wing 1/2 degree + incidence and I put on smaller main wheels and added some weight to the nose. Now it takes off like it should and doesn't try to smack the ground again and after setting the trim it no longer tries to climb under full power, it just goes faster but stays level. Adding the 3/4 oz of weight to the nose set the COG a little farther forward than the directions call for but it totally cured the pitch sensitivity issue.