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Posted by raz | May 17, 2008 @ 05:26 PM | 17,288 Views
OK so here's how I did my clipped wing. I already had made ailerons and I wanted a little bit of wing left to extend past the ailerons, mostly to help protect the ailerons from hanger rash. After determining where I was going to cut on one end I marked it and using a thin razor knife sliced through the foam cutting off one tip. I then used that tip as a pattern to know exactly where to cut the opposite tip. After cutting off both tips I used some 200 grit sand paper to smooth the tips out and repainted. You can see how much the old paint had faded already in the last picture. I was going to cut the tips at an angle but decide to leave them square. A beveled cut would have made the small piece of fixed wing by the ailerons very weak and too easy to break off. I still may cut them at an angle at a later time depending on how it flies. With the wing clipped I lost 13 grams of weight and a total of 6.5" in wing length. In the overhead shot you can see the CF flat bar to keep the wing flat and strong. With some luck I'll get to try the new wing out this evening and will report back on how (or IF) it flies.