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Posted by raz | Jan 10, 2008 @ 01:01 AM | 20,761 Views
I'm not too good at "write ups" but here's how I made my ailerons. First I marked the ailerons out loosely basing it off my Cessna wing so the aileron measures 12" long X 1 1/4" wide. Then I carefully cut them out using a razor knife, it worked best in a sawing motion. Then I cut the under side of the wing and aileron at an angle so they could move up and down without binding. Next was I sanded all the cut areas with 220 grit paper to help smooth them out and also the areas that will be taped. I used a single strip of 'hinge tape' then to hold each aileron in place on the top of the wing then installed the control horns 1" in from the edge using foam safe CA to hold them in. When mounting the servos you want as straight of a shot to the control horn as possible. I marked out the servo locations in the thickest part of the wing then carved them out with the razor knife plus a valley for the wires to be inlaid in the wing. I used hot glue to hold each servo in place and clear packing tape to cover the wires so the wing would still be smooth plus no loose wires hanging down. The last step was to Z bend a small piece of piano wire on one end (aileron side) and the other end went into a Du-Bro mini EZ connector on the servo horn. Then plug in the harness to the rx and power up the tx with the aileron trim at neutral make sure the ailerons are even with the wing and tighten the set screw. Like I said I'm not good at write ups so I may have forgotten some things but I'm sure you get the idea. Now when my Pixie comes in I need to replace the planes servos, esc & rx but thats the easy part.

If your wing is painted (like mine was) make sure to remove all the paint before applying the tape or glue or it won't stick. After taping I repainted the wing.
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