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Posted by bryan39 | Feb 26, 2018 @ 12:52 PM | 3,107 Views
My guide to OpenTX Logical Switches has been updated to Version 0.6
with revison/reorganisation mainly of the section on the Sticky.
There are also a few tweaks elsewhere. Tested on OpenTX 2.2.1

It is intended to be comprehensive and accessible, useful for novices
and experienced users in need of a refresh. It is not a cookbook.

It is not intended to get absolute beginners up and running. It is
assumed that the reader can navigate through the menu systems of the
transmitter and has learned the significance of short and long button

You can download a zip file containing a small number of HTML files or
a PDF kindly produced by myckey at If you download the
former, you will have to unzip the files and then point your browser
at LSbB.html.

Alternatively, I have just added it as a single html file though
it been zipped to fit with the supported file type.