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Posted by Kholder116 | Mar 02, 2012 @ 12:22 PM | 5,011 Views
Here is my Tina Lifeboat... This was offered through Hobby-Lobby more than 30 years ago. It is a very rare kit and even more unusual to see a completed and working model. I had purchased the kit about 18 years ago through someone I knew who lived in Germany.. Eventually, I ended up also obtaining the male rowing figure as well.

This is a very unique kit both in its design, level of realism and well thought out worm-drive gear rowing mechanism. The other very unique aspect to this boat is that the boat is operated solely as a result of the movement of the oars and the drive system that is located underneath the both floorboard that allows for the movement of the oars in a rowing fashion and the ability to turn the boat by causing the turning oar to go deeper in the water giving it that additional "bite" so that it will turn in either direction.

Also, the steering of the boat via the oars is controlled via a simple two channel radio system.

Finally, I obtained the clothing for the male from a doll shop and I had the clothing for the lady, made. For scale purposes, both figures are approx. 17 inches in height. My intention was to design a turn of the century appearance re: dress attire. The gown she is wearing was hand sewn by a seamstress I met via the net who's expertise is in taking a picture or magazine image of an intricate piece of clothing and being able to duplicate it, in miniature.

It operates from a small Geared 400 motor. reversable ESC, in order to make the row boat go forwardor backwards, and a 3 cell 1320 Thunder power LIPO.