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Posted by Kholder116 | Dec 08, 2010 @ 04:12 PM | 9,251 Views
This is my Pacer Airboat.. it is about 10 years old and was originally designed to be run with a gas motor (approx. .40-.46). I never built it in its gas configuration and it sat on a shelf for years. With the advent of powerful brushless motors and lightweight yet, powerful Liop batteries, the time to build it had arrived. The main design challange was to make sure I continue to use the model as designed. That said, I had to re-config the gas motor stand that had originally come with the boat. It was a very unique design (when I can get a pic of it, I will post it); but it allowed for the installment of a gas motor, in an upside down setting, but connected to a very elaborately designed stand. It required the motor to be connected to the propeller shaft by means of a pulley system. (Pics, 152, 155, 160 and 164 are the best shots of the motor stand.) Instead of using the base of the original stand, I simply reconstructed another one, made of wood and spray painted it silver. That held the electric motor. I then used "speaker wire channeling material to hide the motor wires that was diverted into the waterproof servo and battery housing. (See 159, 160, 165 and 166).
Anyway, like many of my other models, this one is perfect for GI Joe Scale. Presently it is running on a Mega 22/30/3E, turning a 12x8 prop, using a 3S, 4000 mah Zippy Lipo battery. It moves......
The last two pics detail the Airboat with my Scale Rigid Hull Inflatable Coast Guard boat... more...Continue Reading
Posted by Kholder116 | Dec 06, 2010 @ 04:27 PM | 9,554 Views
This is a very detailed model of a Ferryboat made by the German company, Wedico. It is about 20 yrs old and had originally been featured in a few issues of Hobby-Lobby's old cataloge. When completed it is approx. 5 feet in length. It was a partial kit when I obatained it however, I managed to get the remaining parts and instrutions after contacting the company, who I now have come to learn is the company that is responcible for building those extremely realistic r/c trucks and tractor trailors under the Wedico name. Some of its features, as built are a Shottel drive system (two of them) which allow 360 degree positioning of the boat. It can go sideways, diagonal, or turn in a full circule on its own diameter. It has a complete digital sound system, led lights, remote control drawbridge anda several extremely scale 1/18 size vehicles. The Tour bus is also remote control with seperate sound system and remotely opening and closing passenger doors and luggage bay....Continue Reading
Posted by Kholder116 | Dec 05, 2010 @ 12:53 AM | 10,507 Views
ThThese are a few photos of a rebuild and electric conversion I did of a Vintage plane called the Powerhouse. Today, these models are part of a category of model airplanes referred to as "Old Timers". They were operated with the use of a large gas powered motor that would contain enough fuel for approximately one minute of power and the goal was that during that time, the model would be taken to "speck" height, and then cut off once it ran out of fuel. The winner of the contest would be the person who's plane came back to to earth, "LAST". Generally, prior to take-off the controlled surfaces of the plane would be situated so that once the engine cuts off, it would float down in a large circle until it gently lands on the ground. This was done by pre-positioning the rudder and elevator. The re-build was accomplished by closing the gapping hole in the fuselage where the previous gas engine was situated, repairing and repainting the fabric and the control surface connections.

This model has an 84 inch wingspan. An E-flite 60 electric engine, 80 amp Electronic Speed Control, and will fly all day on a 5S 4900 lipo.
The model difficult part of the build was the engine cowl. Originally designed to accommodate a gas engine, the cowl upper portion was open to allow the protrusion of the engine together with an engine firewall. My electric conversion required that the entire cowl be closed , therefore the opening had to be closed. That...Continue Reading