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Posted by DarrinLindsay | Jul 14, 2011 @ 10:09 PM | 2,221 Views
So I have been lurking here for sometime going over and over the multi rotor forum. I really like what rcexplorer is doing with his tricopter and FPV.

So I am putting together a tricopter

Here is my list:
Frame will be a Blueskyrc.com Tricopter.
I really haven't decided on rather I want Slow Stick Aluminum, Fiberglass or sometype of wood.
From what I have read is that wood adsorb the vibrations more than the other two do. Also the fiberglass is supposed to be heavier than the aluminum ones. But all in all I guess it real comes down to which one is easier to get after I crash. I really think I will be going with the fiberglass ones.
I want the arms of the Tricopter to be 50cm I know its large but my purpose for this tricopter is to FPV and aerial photography. By what I have read is that the larger the diameter the slow and more graceful it is.