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Posted by ttersu | Jan 22, 2014 @ 07:53 PM | 3,957 Views
Here are the threads of my builds:

- JAWS The flying Shark Maidened! + Plans

- Cartoon Tempest

- Trainee named KiLéQueGio
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Posted by ttersu | Jan 01, 2014 @ 07:29 PM | 3,556 Views
Hi everyone,

Haiduk had a problem with his retracts while scratch building his SBD Dauntless (Awsome scratchbuild I must say!)

He wanted a 6V gearing in the plane but Sadly, Retracts were 5V...One of them passed away.

To prevent this kind of desease, here a easy and cheap sketch to build a Voltage regulator:

All you need are:

- LM317 regulator x1
- 750 Ohm Resistor x1 (You can replace it with a Potentiometer/Fader to be able to trim) = R2
- 260 Ohm Resistor x1 = R1

With this values, for 6V-in You'll have 4.893 V-out with P=1.107W
If You replace 750 with a 700 Ohm resistor, you'll have 4.65V-out with P=1.35W

Take care Anyway, LM 317 might get Hot. Keep it away from Foam by fixing it on a wood part. I built many of them for different applications and I never had problems with them.

You will find here or there a calculator for your different uses of LM 317

Poporbit told me that LM7805 ("availables in differents ranges, but in Haiduk case, 1Amp version would serve well" he said) give directly 5V-out without other components. Just connect V-in to left leg, 0V in and out to center leg an V-out to right leg without any other components. Thanks to him

I Hope this will be Helpfull
Posted by ttersu | Jan 01, 2014 @ 07:18 PM | 3,137 Views
Maybe most of you know that method but now, it's written

What you need:

-Many photos of your Dashboard. (At least, 2 should be enough)
-a transparent Mylar sheet (or equivalent)
-paint or pencils

Glue your photos on cardboard. Cut 2 of them in definitives lines
On one of them, cut off all instruments.
Paint it in black (Or other color if needed).
Glue it on mylar or other transparent thin sheet and put it on your dash.
Here a kind of 3D dashboard.

You can also build your instruments with the same sandwich system and incorporate them in/on your Dashboard

You will find photos of an exemple in this post:
Posted by ttersu | Dec 15, 2013 @ 04:47 AM | 4,083 Views
As said in my toon Tempest thread, I've done some Hot bending on 3mm Depron (or equivalent foam. You can try on $ tree foam). I didn't test on 6mm but I think it is too large to bend correctly.

Here the method I use.

You'll need a Hair Dryer with a Slow fan speed but hot anyway. Mine has a closed flat end for brushing. That help a lot to concentrate hot air and to make small bending.

If you look carefully, one side of your sheet is a little more mirroring (is that the good word ) than the other. This is the side that will be inside your finished part

First, I cut a sheet a bit larger than what is really needed to prevent sides melting.

I draw on it the final cut, then, i start to bend slowly with my fingers and/or a small ball.
After a few times, wrinkles are growing inside the curve. It's now time to unsheathe the hair Dryer to make kind of "Lifting" inside your part.

Just repeat this as many times as you need and you'll have a nice bended part.
Cut what is not needed any more, and that's it

I guess this gonna be usefull for other Foamies scratchbuilders