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Posted by parajared | Dec 02, 2016 @ 11:55 AM | 5,118 Views
XUAV Talon: The Talon has proven itself to fly smoother, resist wind turbulence, fly farther, sustain higher cruise speeds than my mini-talons. I consider it one of the best FPV airplanes I have ever flown. Judging by the way my Photon and my Skyhunter flew I am led to believe that the bigger planes fly smoother than the small wingspan fliers.

SK3 - 5045-500kv, 6s 10ah to hold 32mph
12x8 TGS: 125 watts
13x8 TGS: 100 watts
14x7 APC: 115 watts
14x10 APC: 115 watts
15x8 APC: 115 watts

pros: quiet-ish, tracks like an arrow, bulldozes though thermals and chop, fits fully assembled in the trunk of my car, surprisingly easy to launch despite it's 3225g all up weight. Although 32mph yielded the best wh/mi numbers the Talon cruised nicely at 50mph, consuming only slightly more energy. When demanded to do so it held 100mph better than any airplane I have owned. It took about a 1100 watts to get there, but it really flew smooth at that speed.
cons: doesn't want to slow down, needs a long runout or circling to prep for landing, you can feel the weight of the plane, bulky, boggy, feels less nimble than the Skyhunter, takes up the entire car, no room to carry multiple planes.

current state: destroyed likely due to ET Vector's stock bank angle settings

Talon over Loy (2 min 41 sec)

Heavy Mini Talon: Despite weighing a whopping 1942 grams my mini talon still flew great. My lightweight mini-t, (the estranged 1390 gram brother of heavy mini-t) never achieved...Continue Reading