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Posted by Cable Guy | Nov 11, 2011 @ 06:20 PM | 3,293 Views
Since the day Hirobo released the XRB sky-robo my interrest in RC helicopters was re-ignited. RCG has contributed to much of my success in the hobby as well as many members here who have become friends on a daily basis.

My goal here on RCG is to accel further while helping others in the process.

The reason some of my banter and off topic attacks are for a reason, a particular reason. Primarily some people want to prove they are better, smarter or more knowlegable than others. This is fine as it is nature, but do not reword my answer in a thread and come up with the same answer that was already answered. Don't put me down with name calling as you have no clue who I am unless I reveal myself. You do not know what I know, you know what you know. Some of this may overlap and that is fine, feel free to expand on what has been posted. Also, feel free to tell me when I am wrong.

Since my first day here on RCG i have had dozens of people send me their equipment with problems and happily it was repaired for the cost of shipping only in all cases. Yes, I have put my spare stuff paid for with my hard earned dollars on their helicopters just to help them out. The "thank you so much" and reading the threads of their success has paid my back every single time to the extent that a price tag could not be put on it.

Recently i have had several local people come to me and ask me to build, teach, and repair... now i have people here on RCG asking the same. naturally I love the hobby and do all I can for anyone I can, so set aside the times you read about me going off or being out of line. There is a good man behind this keyboard and they call him Cable Guy.