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Posted by cookie4524 | Sep 15, 2013 @ 11:50 AM | 3,463 Views
Hey everybody, I am Sean, and I am not new to this forum, but ive been inactive so i made another account cause i dont remember the password and stuff from my last one so :P Let me start off and say that I love RC of all kinds, planes, cars, and quads. I currently have the UMX Carbon Cub SS, and a Micro Mosquito MKVI, MQx, AR Drone (which im trying to sell), 2 Micro short course trucks, a Stampede VXL, and i think that is it. The controller i have is the DX8, and the DX3.0 to control all of them.

UMX Carbon Cub SS

The Carbon Cub is the newest one to the fleet, and and the only brushless plane at the moment. As of right now, it is broken, but the parts are coming in soon. The reason why it is broken is because when I was flying it, there is this are where i cant get to unless i fly over or under electric wires. Well, i tried coming back under it, and a gust of wind decided to lift the plane up closer to the wires. If you wanted to go in between the wires, you have to have some skill, skill i didnt have. the wing decided to hit the electric wires, causing it to break the struts, and go straight towards the concrete. It finally hit the ground, the prop adapter broke, and so did the landing gear. It was a sad day...

Now I have the wing taped up and reinforced with the scotch, super strong, fiberglass tape. One thing I would love horizon hobby to add to that plane is a carbon fiber rod going through the wing. It is a CARBON Cub after all! :P

Mosquito MKVI

My Mossie has a similar story, but Ive just crashed that thing sooo many times and repaired it to the point where there is glue instead of foam. Im getting those parts replaced, so I hope to fly them soon.

All Ive really learned is that i need a bigger field and calmer winds :P anyways, if any of you have anything you want me to do, or any questions, just post below!