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Posted by moxjett | Apr 27, 2008 @ 02:25 PM | 6,480 Views
Yesterday was a great day for float flying. The sky was just a little overcast with the sun peaking through every now and then, and just enough wind to make it easy to lift off the water. I took 5 float planes and returned with all 5 five, so that made it a good day by itself.

The Eratix on floats turned out really well, and I'm really pleased with its performance. The 2 pound floats made a difference, but this was taken care of by running 4S 3700 mah lipos instead of the usual 4S 3200 mah lipos. The added weight did make tumbling a lot more fun. I wanted to try the 3200's so I kept the prop at a 13x6.5 so hovering was possible with the 3700 mah lipos, but would just hover and had no pullout power. Take off's and landings were very easy with the heavy floats. I took some video of the Eratix and the video from the camera looks good, but when I convert it to a .wmv file, it becomes real grainy. I'll post it anyway, but it's not real great.

I also have a dedicated GP Stik on 60 sized floats that is a blast to fly. It is powered by an OS .91 4-Stroke. This plane is such a blast to fly. It has all kinds of power, and is easy to land and take it off from water.

I also tried my new GP Seawind EP. This was my first experience with these Seawind planes, and I’m glad I read kingsflyer’s Seawind EP Review on this little plane. His advice on keeping full up elevator, made my maiden of this plane completely uneventful. She took to the sky like I had taken it off the water with...Continue Reading
Posted by moxjett | Apr 21, 2008 @ 07:09 PM | 6,061 Views
I have a local Float Fly coming up this weekend so I spent this past weekend putting my Eratix on floats. This is one of my favorite flying planes and I wanted to see how well it flys on floats. She looks pretty good on floats, but the floats come in at a whopping 31.6 ozs, so I imagine the 3D abilities will be shot, but it should make for a good flying float plane.