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Posted by moxjett | Dec 27, 2007 @ 04:32 PM | 5,365 Views
I started flying the new Eflite Eratix back in August and found some pictures I took of it back when I first started flying it. I really love flying this airplane. In the few months before it got cold, it really increased my 3D experience and built up my confidence of flying 3D maneuvers. Iím going through withdraws right now, now that it's cold and snow is on the ground. I canít wait for another warm spell. My wife took some video of me flying the Eratix on a perfect calm October evening. Itís not that great of a video, because she never panned in, but I thought it was funny to listen to all of the sounds in the background. There is a dirt race track nearby, and someone was practicing so sometimes it sounds like my plane has a racing motor in it. A prop airplane flies by flowed by a jet airplane and then a train also goes by. I donít remember hearing all those noises and didnít realize how much you tune stuff out when flying.

Here is the video: