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Posted by thepiper92 | Oct 30, 2017 @ 09:45 AM | 2,146 Views
It's been a challenge to find a good indoor quad! I started off my FPV journey with a cheap Spedix S250, and progressed into a Spedix BK250 (same quad, better frame however). I quickly found interest in getting better components, and in smaller quads, thus eventually leading to an Airblade V2 2.5" build, sporting a Piko F4, Innova V4, Lumenier 12a 4 in1 and Airblade 1104 7500kv motors. This has been my go to quad for the summer (actually my only quad, as the Spedix died).

The cold weather started to show, unfortunately, and I started looking for a smaller quad with guards, but in brushless form. I do have an Inductrix FPV, and it isn't the best quad with its minute flight times, and relatively weak frame. I started off this search with an Aurora 68, but it lasted only 3 flights before the FC died. I didn't like its design and quality, and decided no to continue with it. I then looked at the FlexRC Pico Owl V2, and was happy about the HGLRC stack it came with. Unfortunately, I was forced to get motors with it, and the Emax 6000kV motors seems at tad low for such small props. Perhaps they will get used. Seeing as I am upgrading my Eclair to a 3 inch setup with 1404 RotorX motors, and 4s power, it seemed appropriate to use the HGLRC stack for it, and put the Piko F4 stack into the Owl. This is exactly what I did, and it has turned out quite well.

The only issue that I faced was the ducts not fitting over the stack, and I had to cut the inner area of the ducts to fit....Continue Reading