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Posted by BrandonLee32 | Nov 18, 2017 @ 01:04 AM | 1,635 Views
Got my new mini switch, enjoyed so far! Looking to upgrade a few things and not easy to find a lot of reviews on any mods. But as previous post I had the landing gear problem that seems to be mandatory on purchase! Also took wheels pants off and moved tires to outside of landing gear support, Iím trying to make it track wider so it wonít dart on the ground as quick. A few total minutes of flight time and crashed into a field of brush, tweaked motor compartment a lil and bent landing gear, after repair which was slight bend in gear and checked for any motor vibration or distortion in foam, found slight distortion at the canopy slot in fuselage, not sure if will hurt flight due to being minor! Hope to fly more this weekend before turns cold! Anyone with any new mods please keep me posted