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Posted by michael quillan | Aug 18, 2018 @ 06:54 PM | 1,920 Views
HI, again, put up a few more pictures while checking wing root fit and alignment So far so good enjoy Cheers!
Posted by michael quillan | Jul 15, 2018 @ 10:31 PM | 2,116 Views
Hey folks, Still at It. I figure Its time to show a little bit more of my progress. Currently I,m working with the wing plans, to modify more towards full size functions. Anyway heres some more pics of some mock ups ( always subject to change) for now Can anyone guess where I,m going with this yet? Let me know your opinion so fars Thanks Michael...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Jun 19, 2018 @ 07:27 PM | 2,026 Views
Hey again! Have not posted in a while, just thought I would share some pix for know . Mean while I'm tossing about servo choice. Also I am using Colored solortex to cover and though I was use to working with it ( Guess I can't after this, ) I will have to paint it
metallic colorThen paint markings but, not sure what paint to use with out a worry of mask pulling? Any way hope you enjoy and that all is well!...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | May 02, 2018 @ 01:34 PM | 3,242 Views
Hey folks, Sorry I have not been keeping up like I would like too many things going on ; poor planning and scheduling on my part sorry. Must try to do better This project finally moving up to the hanger { my garage for} completion. un interupted Yah! Heres some more pics for now Let me know what you think so far, I have more pics, just hav'nt loaded them yet. Any pointers or tips would be greatly helpfull Thanks....Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Jan 30, 2018 @ 08:14 PM | 3,333 Views
Hi gang, Currently building a 50% Bucker Jungmeister from J.W out of Germany, Been tied up with other things lately but the build has taken priority once again! Yay! So, I just thought I would share some more photo's. I am currently working on the upper center cabane now. These pictures show more shots and some of the details and my (bucket seat) It also functions like the original . Please, let me know what you think so far, After all Its you folks I have been leaning from since I've started building and for this I am deeply gratefull! Oh, I almost forgot There is another gentleman in my state doing the same build at this time I am unable to contact him on another sight That sight does'nt seem to let me communicate though I am a member ( maybe Its my old computer ) Don't know why. If anyone can help me with this Thanks! and IOU!...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Jan 07, 2018 @ 07:56 PM | 2,977 Views
Hi gang! Its been a short time since my last post. just thought I would share my new project so far. JW 50% scale Bucker Jungmeister build. I have been doing a lot of research, both historical and full scale and have personally decided The jungmeister to be an aquired taste . For a simple but talented plane will be quite a challenge for me to make to close scale as I like to build that way. keep It reasonably light and strong as well. Just thought I would share were I"m at so far Anyone who has experience with this build would also be greatly appreciated She is a big bird As always Cheers Michael
Posted by michael quillan | Sep 13, 2017 @ 05:09 PM | 3,692 Views
Hey gang ! Just thought I wold post pictures of this bird in full dress If the real one had it so does this one I know the sopwith is a more common build But I did not stop building until I ran out of pup to build I,m needing to round up some cash towards my next on going big project and will be selling this one as well Let me know what you think CHEERS...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Aug 08, 2017 @ 03:04 PM | 4,265 Views
Hello again, this is just to finish with the rest of the photos. some how I must have messed up sorry about that. P.S. There is one photo that shows 1/3 scale fokker d7 also highly detail ( I have a blog in here about it ) anyway I'm looking to sell her resonable if any one is might be interested. well hope these load..,...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Aug 06, 2017 @ 06:49 PM | 3,855 Views
Hello again, wow! its been quite a while since I've been on this sight Hope i don't screw it up (I always did anyways) Anyway this build started out with a somewhat simple plan, but the way I get I tend to follow the original historic build so I had a very very partial balsa usa kit The only thing it came with was wing ribs and lots of sticks. No build plans or build book, no landing gear, cowl, formers or hardware Just sticks! I started with getting plans and a Cowl from balsa USA. I will always speak well of balsa USA But it was not what I wanted The blue prints were a great guide to start with so with a lot of crazy research I began by remodifying their blueprints. and yet I still had their wing ribs. I more narrow and added 3/8" to the wing width I like their lift better than the original design Thus the wings would definitely not be to scale. well I had all this stuff to work with now so I commited to the build. No complaints. Life is too short. Also the landing gear design was not tall enough so I extended from the plans and the cowl would need a lot of detail work. I extended the fuselage by an 1" as this would be a later production design for period. though now that I look back I probably could have bought mickreeves wing kit oh well. Did use their 10" wheels though more to scale Everything else (exceptg the gun) is absolutly scratch. Well have alook for now I Have more pics to come P.S. Hope all has been well for all of you!...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Aug 24, 2015 @ 07:26 PM | 5,544 Views
Hellow again fellow modelers, flyers, Its been quite a while for me to be on here! Have missed ya! Anyway in dec of 2014 I began another build My second only ever. My 1st was a 28% Curtiss Jenny I had fun! During towards the end of that build I began researching Tthe Fokker DVII. I did not want to cut so much wood this time and I also wanted a proven flying design and even though not correct to scale, Too much good said about them I decided to go balsa usa! Absolutly still no complaints! Then It was time to began deep research and plan modification carefull not to effect flight qualities to thier design. Here is just some of the noticable modifications for now. Fuselage, Lengthen the nose 1" from firewall Lengthen rear by another 3/4" These mod's came about base on original design Mine is a compromise to get the effect I was looking forAlso I shallowed the rear section of the fuselage by !/4" (not so deep looking either). Rudder stabalizer shape changed as well slightly rudder it self. Apears 1/4" taller. Wings, Not much modification applied here. For me I thought the scalloped trailing edge was Too pronounced. and with my research they mostly wer'nt like that Each their own. I then lengthened both sets of main wings 1 1/4" total (less ailirerons) This change was done at the outer edges ( they don't look so stubby anymore) Also bottom of wing panels, outer three ribs only gave them a slight curve. Not as much as I would have liked to but...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Mar 12, 2015 @ 04:50 PM | 6,607 Views
hEY GANG! I have not been on for quite some time, but my 28% jenny Has been finished and will probably be going to houston TX to display only Thanks for all your guidance and support. Now I have got my hands on another wild build! It will also be extreme in details like my last project. 33% fokkerVII ! Its been a chelleng to date. But for now I"m at a wall. fokker nuts! for body panels! I have researched my self out and stumped. I see many rc fokkers in many scales have them . I need 70 my self. Do any of you guys know where I can get some? Even if someone can make them I will pay. Any sugestions? but inthe mean time heres just some of the picks { lousy camera} I have many more soon as I lay them out . Also any power ideas for a 30" prop?Name: curtis jenny 1120.jpg
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Name: curtis jenny 1142.jpg
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...Continue Reading
Posted by michael quillan | Apr 21, 2014 @ 01:58 AM | 7,873 Views
Hello again Its been quite a while since I have posted on my jenny project. I have been working on it alot! Built a new tail assembly. Its larger, lighter, and correct to scale . board for board just like full size. also new tail skid. Its more accurate to full size. stronger also lighter. Another cool feature Installed (and to scale) WW1 SCR-68 radio telephone complete with all its goodies! Heres some more pics Soon more to...Continue Reading