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Posted by mikroll | Nov 11, 2016 @ 05:41 PM | 10,887 Views
List of improvements to v977 and xk k 110 . All comments and suggestions welcome . fotos in comments section
1. oil and grease bearings including motor and joints , such as singer oil and white grease. I use a 5mm syringe with long needle tip to administer .
2. better battery original 450ma 25c to GOO 520ma 30c or Nano tech 600ma 35-70C or Graphene 600ma 65C
3. reinforce canopy weak points with glass fibre strapping tape ,splits at bottom upon impact.
4. reroute servo and tail motor wires to starboard side of frame away from motor and moving parts. no rubbing.
5. use thread or fine fishing line to secure wires, cables ties cut the delicate covering on the servo wires.
6. add extra heat shrink cover to tail motor to protect wires
7. tail boom reinforce by wrapping 3.3kg (7 pound) fishing line at 3 or 4 points and fixing with CA glue. Boom is made of two parts and when split flexes (bad)
8. reinforce main mast with 6 ,1mm rods of carbon fibre CF / CA to prevent the weak center part of mast cracking upon impact.
9. anchor servos with tooth pick at underside of frame , prevents servo moving up out of fix point.
10. mount more powerful tail motor from 7x 15mm to 7x 20mm ( SUT works well) and larger rotor from 37 original to 43 mm. k120 or 48 mm. Mcpx 48mm black rotor is nearly unbreakable.
11. reduce weight improve cooling air flow and make canopy more flexible by cutting "Eyes" or windows into...Continue Reading