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Posted by jrjr | Apr 07, 2012 @ 10:56 PM | 3,777 Views
Instructions for the software modified RobbeBox for use with coaxial helicopters utilizing the OlliW gyromixer.

Needed –
1. A working coaxial helicopter utilizing a properly programmed OlliW Gyromixer
2. A previously modified RobbeBox set up for use with the OlliW Gyromixer

The RobbeBox can be plugged into the heli at any time that the red LED on the Gyromixer is steadily illuminated. The only time that it should not be steadily illuminated is when the motors are running. In the running state the red LED should be off. You can also plug the RobbeBox in prior to powering up the heli.

Once connected, use the far left or far right buttons to navigate the menu system. Use the inner two buttons to change settings on the selected value(s). Once you have made any changes that you want to make, navigate to the screen that asks if you want to write the changes and hold down the inc/+ button. Disconnect the RobbeBox and test fly your heli.

When plugging into the RobbeBox make sure that the Brown or black wire is up toward the top of the RobbeBox.

For the record, here are the settings I found in my gyro using the RobbeBox
Thro Max Value - 1913us
Thro Min Value - 1108us
Mot Max Value - 1900us
Mot Min Value - 1100us
Rudd Sense - 0.10
Dead Band - 05
Cntrl Limit - 150
LP Average - 2
LP Time - 01
Frame Length - 04ms
Thro Max - 100%
Thro Min - 000%
Thro Hover - 050%
Thro Expo - 0.00
Rudd Expo - 0.00
Rudd Rate - 1.2
Revo - 000
Prop - 000
PID I - 0.100
PID Gain - 1.50
Rate gain - 1.44
Gyro - Heading Hold

Posted by jrjr | Apr 06, 2012 @ 03:44 PM | 3,808 Views
I made my first flight of the "Luv Machine" in my garage. Its a 3.5 car but I only had 2 spaces open. 9' ceiling. First lift off I found I had to reverse aileron and elevator. After that, she was pretty smooth! It did need 13 clicks left aileron to hover steady and a couple clicks of right rudder but after that it was smooth as butter. Servo linkage will get adjusted to compensate but it may not need it in FFF.

I noticed the lower blades were not tracking just right. These look like used blades. I will have to check them out closer.

I punched the throttle a little and she sure does have some power. Didn't give it full since I had limited space but I can see that its gonna be a power house. I was hovering at about 40% throttle so I have something to go on to set up a throttle curve now. This was with the supplied 850mah 45-90c 3S Nano-Tech battery. That battery took over 600mah to charge up initially. I purchased 2 additional Nano 3S 850mah but they are 25-50c. Still should work fine in this.

Didn't time the flight, but I would guess in the 3-4 minute range. I took off the canopy and the motors were about 112-115 degrees F and the esc's were a touch under 100 degrees F. The motors felt warmer than that and maybe they were but my laser temp reader could be off too.

Can't wait to get it outside! It's been cold and windy here lately but better days are coming. I fly in gyms a couple times a week too so that should be fun as well.

As a side note... I forgot to mention that the temps in my garage are in the 40's. When its 80 outside, I wonder how warm these components will get. Didn't check the gyro for temp, will try to do that next time.
Posted by jrjr | Apr 06, 2012 @ 07:58 AM | 4,028 Views
I was the lucky recipient of a heli built by Luvmyhelis. By Randy's description here is what it consists of -

OlliW gyromixer and Robbebox.
Microheli frame. New Abec 3 bearings on the inner shaft. I may have used ceramics. Not sure now.
My last Skytec swash, skytec gears. Skytec lower hub, skytec upper adj collar. Helideluxe custom outer shaft.
450 skids w/velcro mod.
2.0 ext shaft mod. (pretty sure these are Lee the Tree's shafts) and a spare
Xtreme boom w 5mm cf boom and trex cf 250 stabs
Boomtown light kit. This needs some work though
6100e rx
Custom SK micro digital metal gear servos on hole 3
10a Turnigy esc's
OlliW gyromixer.
Fusano 250 canopy mod
Xtreme folding grip mod W/55deg blades and whites. Also stock new folding whites and blacks
Ch hobby shortened chrome flybar mod with polished head
Shortened wiring covered and braided
Initial observations - Great looking heli! Looks like Luv did a great job building it and I hope to fly it today or tomorrow. Things have been busy here lately. I was a little confused I guess about the OllieW gyromixer. I thought it was going to be a separate gyro and mixer board but it is all built into one nice small unit. I read so many posts on this subject I got confused and haven't finished reading them all yet either. That's probably why. So much info round here ya know?

I did bind the heli to my DX7 and spun it up. It seems to work fine so far. I will post some more after I fly it. I need to take more pictures but for now I have to run.... more later!