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Posted by funtobuy | Apr 17, 2015 @ 09:33 PM | 4,070 Views
Modified Phantom 1 Long Flight Times (7 min 56 sec)

I wanted to touch base on a few things with this video. First is the iPower motors from I believe after testing 4 different systems with these on that it is one of the best motors available. Don't let the price fool you, for under $60 you can get a full set that will fit the Phantom 1 or 2 Smoothness, Power, and how cool they run are just a few of the great aspects you will find. I also have similar motors from iFlight on my 250, and 450 all showing the same positive results. iFlight-rc now has an online store called there you can find not only the motors but many more high quality products. The support has been great and I highly recommend you check them out.

I have had this Phantom 1 sitting around for awhile and thought it would be fun to get it back into service. As you can see I removed the backside so a larger battery could be used. By doing this I took my flight times to 26 minutes stripped down with no equipment, and 16 minutes with everything which included a 3Drobotics Iris 5100 battery, 250mw FPV transmitter, Tarot-T2 gimbal, Gopro Hero 3+ Black camera, Trackimo GPS tracker, 2 24led lights, and a voltage buzzer. The total weight was 3 pounds. I was also using 9" phantom 2 blades.

I will be doing another video shortly showing 2 GPS trackers that I feel are the best for locating a lost Aircraft. I have had a long time to try many and hopefully now have some updates that will help everyone. I should have that up later this week.



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Posted by funtobuy | Apr 06, 2015 @ 02:09 AM | 3,086 Views
How to Build a FPV Racing Quadcopter! (33 min 56 sec)

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Posted by funtobuy | Mar 23, 2015 @ 11:40 PM | 3,626 Views
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Posted by funtobuy | Mar 21, 2015 @ 02:01 AM | 4,102 Views
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Posted by funtobuy | May 17, 2014 @ 10:30 AM | 24,470 Views
iFlight 32 bit AlexMos BGC W/Bluetooth Module,Aluminum Cover Case


-Size of the board: 50×50 mm
-Distance between the mounting holes: 45 mm
-Diameter of the mounting holes: 3 mm
-Power supply voltage: 8–25 V
-Maximum motor current: 1,5 A -5V output current to power external devices: up to 1 A

BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit

The controller can be used for building high-quality 3-axis camera stabilizing systems which can be mounted to UAV and for building handheld camera stabilizers.

Basic functions of the controller

-Optional second IMU, that will increase the short-term precision of the stabilization 10x-30x times and will make stable work in any frame position.

-Improved attitude estimation algorythms

-32-bit MCU — ARM Cortex M4. Effectively calculates the complex tasks for 3-axes stabilization.

-Allows camera control with the RC or analog joystick.
-Use several switchable profiles for different modes of operation
-Increased number of inputs for controlling signals + 3 additional reserved input/output AUX1-AUX3.
-Supports variety of RC protocols: PWM, Sum-PPM, spektrum and s-bus.
-Battery voltage monitoring, compensating voltage drop in the PID-regulator.
-Low battery alarm (output to 5V active buzzer).
-Can supply up to 1A current for external devices on the 5V power line.
-Dedicated UART-socket to connect optional Bluetooth module
-Reverse-polarity protection, overheat and overcurrent protection
-USB interface for the PC connection, to configure, control and upgrade firmware.
-Graphical user interface to manage the settings. Windows / OS X / Linux versions.
-Control through the Serial-protocol using dedicated API.

Posted by funtobuy | Mar 11, 2014 @ 01:34 AM | 5,287 Views
FTBO 3-axis Carbon Fiber Handheld Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/Hollow Motor for Canon 5D 7D Cameras Photography


- Carbon fiber material, with aluminum alloy camera frame.
- With 2 x GBM5208-200T motor, One GBM5208-200T hollow shaft motor
- For DSLR camera(such as: CANON 5DMarkII/5D Mark III,7D,SONY a900, NIKON D900/D800E/D700/D800)
- Total weight of the whole gimbal: 1790g
- Max.loading capacity 3kg.
- With shock absorb set, effectively decrease vibration.

Pan Motor Specification:

- Motor Model NO.: GBM6324-200T
- Configuration: 12N14P
- Wire: 0.22mm
- Turn: 200T
- Motor size: Ф63*24mm
- Shaft: Hollow shaft/ Ф7.0m out, Ф5.0mm inner
- Ω Ri :15.0ohm
- Tension: 0.70kg

Roll and Tilt Motor Specifications

- Motor Model NO.: GBM5208-200T
- Configuration: 12N14P
- Wire: 0.24mm
- Turn: 200T
- Motor size: 63*24mm
- Shaft: 5mm shaft diameter
- Resistance :17.2ohms
- Tension: 3.0kg
- Weight: 180g
- Camera weight: 800-1500g(like Canon 5D2/5D3, Nikon D800, Sony A900, etc)
- Perfectly compatible with Alexmos SBGC.

Package Included:

- 3-axis handheld brushless gimbal w/3 motors
- Manual instruction
- 3-axis Alexmos Control board(ORIGINAL)
Posted by funtobuy | Dec 04, 2013 @ 08:21 PM | 5,049 Views
FTBO Brushless Gimbal Motor GBM6324-180T w/Slipring Sealed Case for DSLR FPV Aerial Photography

Unit Price:USD33.33/PC included slipring(The price valid during the Xmas sales period)


The GBM6324-180T is FTBO( Fun to Buy Online ) designed for Xmas Special Sale. It designed for DSLR Brushless

Gimbal Application.This gimbal motor feature sealed case and hollow shaft,the design keeps dust and sand from

entering the motor to help ensure consistent operation.The FTBO GBM6324-180T Hollow Shaft motor comes with

Sliprings for the cables, so the motors are free to rotate continuously without twisting the cables.


-Sealed Case to prevent dust and dirty thing
-Hollow shaft for slipring
-180T best for gimbal Yaw axis.


-Model NO.:GBM6324-180T
-Motor Dimensions:63x24mm
-Stator Dimensions:52x8.5mm
-Copper wire(OD):0.27mm
-Resistance:10.2 ohms
-Camera range: 1000-2000g

Package included:

- 1 x FTBO GBM6324-180T
- 1 x Slipring