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Posted by mnowell129 | Sep 26, 2012 @ 08:50 PM | 16,093 Views
I thought I'd try to capture all the aircraft I've built/assembled/owned. I should have taken more pictures. This will be in no particular order.

Comet Gull II
Comet Piper Cub
Guillow's Javelin
Schweizer FF Glider
Guillow's P51 -- Multiple instances, one plans built
Guillow's Zero
Guillow's Arrow
Guillow's P40
Guillow's Fokker Triplane
Sig Ramrod 250
Midwest Lil'T
Goldberg Gentle lady (multiple, including plans built)
Airtronics Sagitta 600 w/ailerons
Airtronics New Era III (multiple instances)
Sig Kobra -- glo multiple
Sig Hummer
Sig Kolt
Midwest mujstang control line
Sig AkroMaster control line
Sig 29'r
Sig Tiger
House of Balsa 2x2
House of Balsa mustang, retracts.
Prettner Dalotel, 1/4 scale, giezendanner electric retracts
Sig Kobra -- electric, retracts
Balsa USA Drifty
Craftair Winddrifter
Craftair Piece of Cake
Airtronics QTee -- multiple instances
GMP Cricket
GMP Cobra
GMP Competitor
Schluter MiniBoy
Schluter Superior
3dx Ultimate Biplane
Laser 300
Edge electric -- own design
Flying wing -- own design
Ace Pacer
Ace super pacer
Ace littlest stick -- multiple glow and electric
Pilot Attacker 28
Pilot Qb60 -- plus rebuild
Telemaster Jr
Sig Kougar
American R/C Mantis
Ace silver seven transmitter (2)
Ace receivers (multiple)
Ace bantam servos (multiple)
Scientific stuntmaster
Scientific red flash
Cox pt19
Cox p40
Cox stuka
Comet flyboy
Comet skybuster
Jetco thermic 18
Jetco thermic 20
Campbell butterfly FFHLG
Campbell ?? FFHLG
Dumas papoose
Goldberg li'...Continue Reading