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Posted by scallywag1234 | Jul 08, 2013 @ 05:13 AM | 2,328 Views
What a great weekend this was, the weather was really hot with a little breeze, but certainly capable flying weather !

I decided i was gonna take my Max Thrust 1.4m Piper Cub down the flying field and if it handled ok, i was gonna try my first EDF, depending on the breeze.

Bit of history on the Cub.... Well my 1st flight several months ago was not a great success losing an aileron servo half way through the flight and bringing it down hard and rough breaking off the UC completely. I replaced the servo and a week later was flying better than before, i think the lack of the UC had moved the CG and made it a far better flyer.

Been like that for quite a few months until a few weeks ago had my brother down to give him some lessons. Handed the controls over to him, and within 20 secs he managed to bank it into a Grain silo and splintering into many pieces. Needless to say he bought me a new bird the Ryan Sta, but i managed to piece the cub back together and was flying her the following weekend. Lovely flyer, only thing different was I had fixed the Wings on solidly and also used Aluminum tape to hold them in place along with the screws.

Well thats where the trouble sprang from. I took her down to the field this Sunday and sent her up after checking the CONTROL surfaces were working, but didn't check the actual surfaces over.

Up she went flying excellently, nice stall turns and some inverted and tried an immelman but she rolled out early. As i brought her by...Continue Reading
Posted by scallywag1234 | Jul 03, 2013 @ 09:08 AM | 2,498 Views
Well it had to happen sooner or later didn't it. There was I enjoying the Wings n Wheels RC Show and Display on Sunday, when during lunch, just decided to have a look in some of the traders tents, when I saw her !, Glistening Makeup and a couple of great manifolds !.

Well I just had to have her, I asked and wow unbelievably she was mine !!! I took her home and in the dimming light I removed all the coverings and started to examine her more closely.

In no time at all she was no longer just a package she was showing me herself in full glory and wow cant wait to take her out to see what she can do.

Some say she's obsolete, but if i take care she will be around for sometime