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Posted by gardenroute | Jan 27, 2014 @ 03:59 AM | 3,206 Views
So I returned from a month expedition to southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia).
I had him on the way also my Phantom, and I occasionally did some shots in the air when it went and it was not too difficult.

We have passed a total of 10 different state borders, generally without problems, only one control officer said something about "espionage equipment", then called his colleagues and everyone just admiring viewed

Here's a little first taste, Blyde River Canyon is the 3rd largest canyon in the world (the largest in the subtropical zone), a gigantic shift in the Dragensberg Escarpment landscape formation in Mpumalanga province, in an area where the Highveld plateau falls nearly 1,000 meters to the Lowveld off the coast of the Indian Ocean in Mozambique.

Switch to full screen & HD, at least 720p to 1080p even better, and turn on the sound.
Blyde River Canyon (South Africa) from the Air - DJI Phantom (3 min 15 sec)

Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe (2nd largest in ZIM ) is an amazing park on the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. There are no tourists, which is due to its remoteness from civilization and quite timid animals, which in turn was the result of massacres during the war in Mozambique and Mozambican poachers today's raids . Nature and landscape but overwhelming.

We lived in Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge above the river Save, and at one late afternoon safari with a smiling ranger Thomas I could take off 1x , not too...Continue Reading