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Posted by DirtyDovi | Mar 19, 2015 @ 12:24 AM | 8,755 Views
Sky Hero Little Spyder [Build / Review]



My Facebook:

Gear: [So-Far]

Flight Controller:
Naze32 FunFly / Full

Rotorgeeks 30A BLHeli

Cobra 2217 950kv

10x4 / 10x4.5 [2 and 3 bladed]

FPV Cam:
Sony CCD 700TVL Effio-...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Feb 21, 2015 @ 12:03 AM | 9,127 Views
I scored a new FrSky Taranis Plus transmitter,
and couldn't leave well enough alone.. I modded an RP-SMA connector on it
so that different styles of antennas could be used.. [ 5dbi antenna pictured ]...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Jan 14, 2015 @ 05:24 PM | 20,759 Views
January 7th,
I placed an order with HobbyKing for the new Quanum Trifecta Mini-Tri frame.
With DHL shipping selected, transit from China to NY was only 4 days..
[5 days actually, but, I don't count Sunday]

After inspecting everything, it looked like the frame design was very thought out,
and made of pretty decent quality material.. Hopefully, it'll prove that later on -

When the build started, I found out that the kit was missing a crucial component!
Amazingly, it's one of the smallest part too.. They call it a "Washer" [For servo gear]
Without that 'washer', the main drive gear can not be mounted to the servo shaft!


I built my own using a modified servo horn center hub @ 6mm outer diameter.
That worked perfectly, but, only because I just happened to have it laying around.

Otherwise, the build would have been grounded form the start..

Moving on..

Hobby King 'recommends' that Afro 12a ESCs can be used.
I tore them out of my current / flying quadcopter, and hoped that was true..

Not a chance. The Afro 12a ESC that I have will-not-fit inside of the rear arm!
[It is the V1 incase anyone would like that information]

At this point, the build is being held up because of the ESC not fitting!

As always, I have ZERO $, so, ordering smaller ESCs is out of the question..

Another flaw that I found w/ the kit was with the yaw mechanism..

I think that the direct-drive / gear driven setup is a great design,
but, on the...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Oct 26, 2014 @ 05:46 AM | 5,757 Views
Since I'm poor, and get bored a lot,
I tend to build, and re-build the same quad[s] over and over and over again..
This time is no exception!

My friend Paul and I are doing a few new builds,
and we ordered 4 of the carbon fiber 250 frames to stash our components on..
The idea was to build one and use one for spare parts, but,
I couldn't resist tinkering, so, I tore down my Holz quad,
and built up one of the frames using all the parts from the Holz..
Then swapped on some Dragonfly 1806 2300kv motors for some more pop,
but, had issues w/ the motors, and issues w/ the RCTimer ESCs..
Back to Afro12's, and they started showing desync issues,
so, I gave up on that component combo, and started over from scratch..

This time, I'm building a custom clean/dirty platform..
The previous build had some wonky looking video footage..
Rolling shutter effect / jello, and I can't stand that..

So, that said.. here I go again.. *Thumbs Up*...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Jul 27, 2014 @ 07:17 PM | 5,986 Views
FlySky FS-TH9X FPV Voltage Output Mod[s]

FlySky FS-TH9X FPV Power Output Mod (0 min 23 sec)

FlySky FS-TH9X FPV Power Output Mod -
[Big Thanks To Cy Lon For The Heads Up]

These mods are my own take on a similar mod done here:


This is actually 2 mods in 1:
One is a custom installation of a BIG 2600mAh Lipo.
One is a modification to the 9X PCB to allow the TX to output power.
[The TX will output whatever voltage its onboard LiPo has -
[In this case, 3S / 12v to power an FPV goggle/VRX ground station]

This is just a quick video clip of the final mod in action..
When I get the time, I'll do a slideshow style vid of the process.

My Facebook Photo Album [Photos / Info for this modification]

https://www.facebook.com/dirty.dovi/...=3&uploaded=59...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Jul 19, 2014 @ 12:58 PM | 9,916 Views


When I got my paws on my FPV gear,
I tested out range with the stock dipole antennas..
They weren't terrible, but, they weren't great either.

After that, I ordered a few sets of Circular Polarized antennas..
The 1st set are the opened top version Left-Hand CP though..
The 2nd set are the capped top version Left-Hand CP [Most Likely]

I 'think' that I saw an improvement, however,
when I tested out the visual clarity of the audio and video feed,
I saw some static and drop-outs when going through 'obstacles'..

Yup, 5.8ghz

So, after that, I wanted to try my luck at building a set,
but, I didn't have the $ or the access to any RP-SMA connectors..

A few days go by - I get an idea..

Convert the Dipole antennas to RH-CP [Right Hand Circular Polarized ]

Here are the photos from my mods build:

Sam -

I'll be testing them as soon as I can,
and I'll be sure to leave updated info -...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Mar 07, 2014 @ 12:42 AM | 8,583 Views
Mini Crow Mock Up And Build

Mini Crow 3D Printed Mini H Quad for FPV

BIG THANKS to Julian aka JJMelo!


Now - Lets get to the mock-up/build -

The OE frame setup weighs 73 grams.
With my mod, the weight is 100 grams.

The OE frame has the arms sandwiched between the lower and center plates,
and bolted directly to the two.. This is fine, but, I wanted to have a bit more room.

The OE frame has the ESCs mounted on the arms..
I'm hoping to mount the PDB and ESCs in the new lower/dirty section -
[This will depend on configuration, positioning, and size of the components]
[I also have an LED harness that I would like to try to fit in there. We'll see.]

To do the mod, I used [12] 10mm standoffs - 3 per arm,
and mounted them between the top of the arms and the center plate..

The rest of the [upper] frame assembly is pretty straight forward..
The OE setup uses [4] 31mm standoffs 1 on each corner of the center/top plate..
I added [4] more standoffs.. 1 on each end/side..
I figured that this would help the overall rigidity of the frame..

The plates are 3mm in thickness - The arms are 5mm in thickness..
The frame is now super-solid.. Probably over-kill, but, go big or go home.

The material is PVC, so the arms have a bit of 'flex' . . .
This is probably a good thing in the event of a crash . . .

Speaking of the arms . . .
Julian was nice...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Jan 30, 2014 @ 10:15 AM | 6,063 Views
Cardboard Chaos!

As usual, boredom and sleep deprivation triggered a few ideas..
I hacked the arms off from the 'esc-integrated-pcb-quad'
with the intention of using them as spares for the good one..
But, then I figured I might just build a little H-frame to stick them on -

For now, just tinkering, and trying out a few different configurations -


Bottom plate = 10" x 3"
Center plate = 7" x 3"
Top plate = 3" x 3"
Arm angles = 160*...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Jan 27, 2014 @ 08:40 PM | 6,395 Views
I figured I'd get the KK2 board modded up
with as many extra features as I could . .

I soldered a JST connector to feed voltage into the board,
and now, it will read out the input voltage on the screen..

Also, the low-voltage-alarm features are now active..

For those, I made a harness with a beeper and LED
so I'll get both an audio and visual indication
when the pre-set voltage gets too low..

Here are the photos I took along the way -...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Jan 26, 2014 @ 12:51 PM | 19,048 Views
I've had my TH9X for a while, and enjoyed the OEM firmware..
Like many transmitters, the firmware can be the weakest link,
so, I finally broke down, modded it, and flashed a few new ones -
Lots of people rave about ER9X and Open9X/OpenTX,
so that was the order that I tried them..

My quick thoughts?

FlySky firmware is without a doubt 'the best' for a beginner!
IMO, it is also perfectly fine if only being used to fly multirotor crafts..
Sometimes - Simpler Is Better.

ER9X firmware - Definitely a step up, and kicked things up a notch..
More configurations, More settings, More 'in-depth' [for lack of better wording]
Programming takes a bit to figure out and get used to, but it's not bad..
Programming is mostly straight-forward, and still somewhat user-friendly.

Open9X aka OpenTX - Yet another step - But a step 'up'? I'm not sure..
It's another variant of ER9X, with many of the same features and then some..
It's an optimizeable setup that users can tweak depending on their setups..
Setups as in: Hardware, Firmware, Options, etc.
While the previous firmwares were somewhat straight-forward / user-friendly,
IMO, this one is not. While it offers the same features,
trying to figure out how to write them / use them is somewhat ridiculous..
Important/Simple things like 'throttle cut/hold' is not found..
It has be done by fumbling around with different settings and values..
The first time I figured it out and tried it out,
Throttle cut/hold...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Dec 25, 2013 @ 11:23 PM | 6,937 Views
This years x-mas gift from my sister - A brushless miniquad.

L-O-N-G story short . . . Component integrated frames are JUNK -

The top MOSFET on arm # 1 nuked, and the quad is now unflyable.
Damage occurred while trying to re-calibrate the ESCs in Arduino -

Here on out will be my ramblings, and some progress - Or lack thereof..

To be continued . . .
Posted by DirtyDovi | Nov 29, 2013 @ 08:24 PM | 5,934 Views
I have been going out of my mind bored lately..
After some rummaging around, I found some parts
that I thought might make up a fun little H-copter build..

Semi nuked RC Eye One FC, TX, and motors
and.. uh.. yeah.. some tongue-depressors.

Maiden Flight: Modes 1 and 2 where a no-go.
Rough weighing says OEM EyeOne = 2.5 oz
Rough weight of the H-frame is about 2.75 oz
Mode 3 - Takes right off, and flies like crazy!

Wiring is now all cleaned up,
and held in place with spike-tape. Lighter option than zip-ties.

...Continue Reading
Posted by DirtyDovi | Nov 02, 2013 @ 09:19 AM | 7,468 Views
This past year,
I had a handful of micro / mini quads, and not one of them made it out unmodified.
There's no doubt that it was just as much fun tinkering on them as it was flying them!

I figured that I'd throw this blog together to compile some of the descriptions and pics:


Sam -

Youtube videos I shot of some of these builds -

RC Logger - RC Eye One

Within minutes of the quad being out of the box, and maidened,
it was game over. A defective RX or TX led to a crash.
[6 feet up to the grass led to a broken frame. Buzz-Kill]

The RC.E.O. on the operating table

While down for the count, I also figured I'd mod the bottom..
I added a base for Velcro for the LiPo, and a heli landing skid

...Continue Reading